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Addiction Services for Referring Partners

Not every attorney, social worker, therapist, physician, nurse or other medical provider can offer their patients addiction treatment services, which is admirable. Because to assess, diagnose and effectively treat this potentially recurring disease requires specialists in the field of addiction.

While no one expects you to know what to do when you suspect that drug or alcohol dependency has compromised the health of your patients, it is of the utmost importance that you have a trusted, reliable and respected resource to refer them to when the circumstance presents itself.

This is where Continuum Recovery Center can help.

Partnering with You and Your Patient for Optimal Recovery Results

Addiction affects the person who has lost control through the ongoing use of chemical substances as well as everyone they touch. As their referring physician, therapist, attorney or other valued professional, we know you want the best treatment possible for your patients as it makes an impact on the good work you’ve already accomplished with them. We appreciate your commitment to their well-being and will continue with them in the same light.

We treat those with substance use disorders with dignity and compassion, yet allow patients to own their behaviors and identify the life traumas and personal choices that brought them to today. Through acceptance, forgiveness, and learning positive life skills, they can recovery and live life healthy and whole through sobriety.

Together, we can get them there.

Working with Most Insurance Providers to Help More People, Now

Continuum Recovery Center believes that addiction treatment should be available to those who need it. That’s why we’ve built positive, solid relationships with more health insurance companies than you’d find with other drug rehab companies. By partnering with many insurers, it helps lessen the financial stress of treatment and makes the road to recovery a little less cumbersome.

Evidence-Based Treatment Programs Lead Personal Growth

Continuum Recovery Center offers a full spectrum of comprehensive care found in any of our treatment program options:

  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Long-Term Treatment
  • Outpatient

In addition, we intrinsically treat the whole person encompassing mind, body, and emotional aspects of the human condition. With your input, and patient preferences, we craft a custom addiction treatment program that aligns with their needs, lifestyle, and other timelines such as court obligations, work or school commitments, and more.

We also ensure that family members are integrated into the therapy and healing process to get through the past and on to building healthy relationships which aids in preventing relapse and supports lifelong sobriety.

Addiction Services in Phx AZ
Clinical and Holistic Therapies Offered:

  • The Bridge Device, FDA-cleared for removing distress from opioid withdrawal symptoms
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • Process groups
  • Psycho educational groups
  • Therapeutic activity groups

When to Refer Your Patient or Client for Addiction Treatment

We don’t doubt you have the best of intentions when considering referring your patient or client into any one of our addiction treatment programs, though we want to ensure we are the right fit.

If your patient is struggling with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder, we can work with you on these mental health conditions throughout the drug detox and addiction treatment protocols.

These are the guidelines that we ask you to consider before referring your client here:


  • Ensure that your referring patient is truly interested and committed to working on overcoming addiction
  • Patients should be 18 years old or older and
  • Experiencing active substance use disorder (SUD) or
  • Co-occurring psychiatric symptoms with SUD
  • Providing a Chemical dependency (CD) evaluation for referral is NOT necessary
  • We cannot provide methadone treatment as a service or as part of a drug tapering program, as this is based on federal law

How to Refer a Patient to Continuum Recovery Center

Addiction industry professionals have found that the more patients have a proactive and integral part of their treatment program decision-making, the more adaptable they are to the recovery experience. To help your client move forward into treatment as seamlessly as possible, please have them contact us initially by phone or complete our Pre-Admission form.

Please note: Admission is not in process until your client calls Continuum Recovery Center and speaks with an Admissions Counselor to coordinate addiction treatment care.

Schedule a Patient Referral for Addiction Treatment Services Now

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