Continuum’s caring staff is dedicated to meet everyone’s unique needs by providing a client-centered approach. Our team of caring professionals includes a medical doctor, psychiatric nurse practitioner, master’s-level licensed therapists, an interventionist, and case managers who work compassionately and collaboratively to assess and design the best treatment program possible from the moment you come through our doors.

  • Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    CEO & President
  • Liz Martin
    Liz Martin
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Walter N. Simmons, MD, MPH, FACEP
    Walter N. Simmons, MD, MPH, FACEP
    Executive Medical Director
  • Scott Herron
    Scott Herron
    Operations Supervisor
  • Dr. Dave Arneson
    Dr. Dave Arneson
    Naturopathic Medical Doctor
  • Diane Ayala-Cook
    Diane Ayala-Cook
    Office Manager
  • Geffen Liberman, LISAC, CRADC, CPC
    Geffen Liberman, LISAC, CRADC, CPC
  • Jamar Pruitt, LASAC
    Jamar Pruitt, LASAC
  • Jennifer Govan, MSPC, LASAC
    Jennifer Govan, MSPC, LASAC
  • Gretchen Seeck
    Gretchen Seeck
    Yoga Instructor
  • Dan Strickland
    Dan Strickland
    Director of Marketing & Mindfulness Teacher
  • Nicole Rogers, LASAC
    Nicole Rogers, LASAC
  • Coach Carl
    Coach Carl
    Fitness Coach