Alcohol Rehab Phoenix

Alcohol Rehab Phoenix

Why We’re Not Just Another Alcohol Rehab in Phoenix:

We’re different. At Continuum Recovery Center, we don’t simply offer the same residential treatment program you’ll find at most other facilities. We believe in providing our patients with addiction treatment that is on the cutting edge. When it comes to beating alcohol addiction, we believe our patients deserve options in treatment that are least disruptive to their everyday lives. That being said, while we strive to educate our patients in avoiding the triggers that lead to drinking, we believe healing can take place at home as well as in our alcohol rehab in Phoenix.

We’re professional. Our therapists are educated at a Masters level, at minimum, to ensure we are able to provide our patients with the care necessary to overcome addiction. All of our therapists are highly trained and educated in substance abuse, trauma and co-occurring disorders. We offer treatment options that are being used in some of the most recognized facilities in the world because we have seen their effectiveness in our alcohol rehab in Phoenix as well. You can learn more about our methods when you visit us online. Check out specific sections regarding ‘Recovery Services’, ‘Therapy’, ‘Aftercare Program’, and ‘Health and Wellness’.

What sets apart from the other facilities in our region is our unique outpatient approach that champions the home environment. It can be detrimental to take on the mindset that allowing a patient to go home will eventually end in relapse to old patterns and ways of life. We’ve found that with the right treatment protocol, just the opposite is true. Enjoying the simple pleasures of life is something that can very effectively keep patients on the road to recovery as they develop new skills and learn how to enjoy life outside of addiction. In an inpatient environment, everything learned is only theory. The real test will come when the patient goes home. We feel it is crucial to long-term recovery for patients to start using what they learn immediately.

We treat the person- not the addiction. Our unique holistic approach to addiction treatment allows us to treat the mind, body and spirit. Thus, we can address any physiological, emotional and spiritual needs our patients may have. Techniques include meditation, tai chi, yoga, nutrition education, fitness, naturopathic remedies, and education.

If you’re looking for an alcohol rehab in Phoenix that is committed to offering more, give us a call at Continuum Recovery Center at 602-903-2999. All it takes is a phone call to start the process. Our caring staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have, address concerns, provide helpful information, and begin the admissions process if you’re ready to take that next step. Know that you’re in control during the entire process and that your call or communication is 100% confidential. We’re ready to help if you’re ready to make the commitment. A whole new life awaits you.

Alcohol Rehab Phoenix
Continuum Recovery Center
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