5 Smartphone Apps to Boost Your Recovery

5 Smartphone Apps to Boost Your Recovery

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One of the most important elements of a successful recovery is knowing that help is within reach. Thanks to technology, recovering addicts have more resources available than ever before. Smartphone apps are especially beneficial because they allow recovering addicts to access support 24/7, track their sobriety, monitor triggers and connect with peers.

Below we share five of the best smartphone apps to use once you have completed Phoenix addiction treatment. 

  1. Sober Grid

Sober Grid has the world’s largest sober community and puts this peer network directly into the hands of recovering addicts. It has a similar concept as other social channels, except that the staff and users are more positive and supportive.

Aside from connecting with others, you can use the app to check in your mood and sobriety. Plus, the built-in GPS allows you to find people nearby, which is incredibly helpful if you’re traveling and want to meet up with sober peers.

  1. Nomo

Nomo is a sobriety tracking app that can be used by recovering addicts and their loved ones. This simple clock provides recovering addicts with encouragement as they reach various milestones. The clock can be shared with friends and family, and there is a distraction feature that offers strength during difficult moments. If the feeling doesn’t go away, you can message an accountability partner through the app.

  1. Addicaid

Addicaid is a great app for newly recovering addicts and those who have recently completed drug rehab in Phoenix AZ. It provides a directory of all 12 step groups as well as the ability to connect with other users. What we love about this app is that it includes many other tools to help you on your journey, including a spending calculator, daily check ins, relapse prevention tips and eating regimens.

  1. Headspace

The Headspace app makes meditation easier. Meditation is a useful tool in recovery because it decreases stress, improves healthy sleep patterns and replaces negative thoughts with positive ones. It takes time and practice to be successful with meditation, and this app will help you in your efforts. A free starter program is included so you can test the app before you buy.

  1. recoveryBox Addiction Recovery  *No longer available

Available for iOS devices, recoveryBox lets recovering addicts track their daily activities. The lights work like traffic lights – use green, yellow and red to mark your activities. This helps you better understand why you do what you do, as well as come up with plans for breaking bad habits. You can also email or text your counselor or sponsor through the app.

With today’s smartphone apps, help is never far away. And, neither is treatment. To start your journey with a Phoenix treatment center, call Continuum Recovery Center.

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