Can You Get Addicted Going to Rehab?

Can You Get Addicted Going to Rehab?

Possible to Get Addicted Going to Rehab? 

This may sound like a strange question to ask, considering many people refuse treatment in the beginning. So how would someone become addicted to outpatient drug rehab in Phoenix

Addictions typically develop into substances or activities that make us feel good, which is why they can Occur to Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Food, or Sex. In reality, it’s possible to have an addiction to anything that offers a reward, which is why you can become dependent on rehab. It’s not so much that you are addicted to rehab in itself but rather the way being in this facility makes you feel. 

If you have concerns that you’re growing dependent on substance abuse treatment in Phoenix, you’ll find the information below to be helpful. Chances are, what you are experiencing is a substitute or replacement addiction, and it can be just as destructive as your earlier addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

Technically, You Can Have an Addiction to Anything 

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) defines addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive behaviors despite harmful consequences. Even though addiction is most commonly associated with drugs and alcohol, anything can become an addiction. And once you suffer from addiction, you’re more at risk for developing a new addiction.

Let’s say that you struggled with alcohol abuse, sought help, and are in recovery. The brain is still recovering from the addiction, which means it’s still vulnerable to relapse. But rather than using alcohol again, your attention goes towards other activities that feel good like going to rehab. 

Here’s how the process works. 

When you initially went to treatment, it probably made you feel good and happy. Your brain now made the connection between rehab and feeling good, so there is a relationship between the two. Now you crave the same feelings rehab provided you with, do you think about going back to satisfy these urges. 

But like your drug and alcohol addiction, there is an underlying reason why you feel compelled to go to drug rehab in Phoenix. What you’re doing is Replacing One Addiction for Another, which is an indication you have more to work through. 

What are Replacement Addictions? 

With addiction replacement, a new addiction takes the place of the previous one. Addictions are very easily transferred from one thing to another, so this is not uncommon. For example, you may have started off smoking, then went to marijuana, and then to ecstasy. Now that you are “sober” from drugs and alcohol, it’s other activities that may fulfill your cravings. 

In fact, many individuals Transfer their Addiction to Seemingly Harmless or Even Healthy Activities shortly after finishing treatment. These activities can include things like shopping, internet gaming, exercising, or dating. 

Here are some signs that your desire for more time in outpatient drug treatment is actually becoming an addiction: 

  • Constantly Thinking About Going to Rehab
  • Losing Sleep Imagining Yourself Participating in Therapy 
  • Having Relationship Problems 
  • Struggling at Work, School, or Home 
  • Neglecting Other Aspects of Self-Care 
  • Feeling Stressed or Anxious Because You’re Not in Rehab 

Remember, addiction is a compulsive brain disease. If you’re growing obsessed with going to rehab, this means that you have unconscious emotions to address.

Addicted Going To Rehab

Can You Get Addicted Going To Rehab? YES. Get help from Continuum Recovery!

How Can I Treat a Replacement Addiction? 

If you developed a replacement addiction to something like shopping or gambling, you would participate in a treatment program or self-help group to address the underlying reasons for the behaviors. But if you’re addicted to going to rehab, does treatment at a rehab facility still make sense? It could. 

Before you commit to another program, you have to ask yourself what it is about rehab that you enjoy so much. For example, do you enjoy the luxury lifestyle? Do you prefer to be away from the distractions of everyday life? Is it the attention and approval you get from your peers and counselors? 

It’s also possible that you haven’t gone to the right alcohol rehab in Phoenix yet. Some programs are more laid back or located in high-crime areas that put people at a greater risk of getting drugs or alcohol. Others only address the physical components of the addiction. To truly heal from your addiction and the painful memories or experiences at the root of it, you need a holistic treatment program that promotes healing. 

How Continuum Recovery Center Can Get to the Root of Your Addictions 

At Continuum Recovery Center, we make full healing possible and attainable. Our clients engage in their recoveries, and we have a wide range of therapies to try. The goals of our program are to empower people in recovery, help them take charge of their lives, and teach them how to be sober. 

Here is what you can expect from our well-rounded outpatient alcohol rehab in Phoenix:

  • Determine the Appropriate Level of Care. You will receive a professional assessment before starting treatment with us. We will diagnose your conditions and create an individualized regimen. We have day treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and standard outpatient treatment.
  • Holistic Healing. Addiction Usually Comes From a Deep-Rooted Problem like childhood trauma or painful memories. By allowing these experiences to come to the surface, you can eliminate the need to numb yourself with drugs, alcohol, or other replacement addictions. 
  • Treat Mental Illness. Our treatment program also offers treatment for mental illness, another driving factor behind replacement addictions. If your anxiety or depression is untreated, for example, you’ll be drawn to self-medicating with harmful behaviors. 
  • Community Resources. Sometimes, people return to rehab because they feel safer here. Let us help you access the resources in your community that will support your recovery, such as sober housing, self-help groups, 12-step meetings, job placement tools, and more. 

Replacement addictions are common, but they signal that more work needs to be done. If you feel compelled to keep going to holistic outpatient alcohol or drug rehab in Phoenix, it’s important to understand the underlying reasons why this is the case.

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