Addiction Doesn’t Go Away.  How To Get Clean & Sober During the COVID-19 Epidemic.

Addiction Doesn’t Go Away. How To Get Clean & Sober During the COVID-19 Epidemic.

Addiction has no cure. It is a chronic disease that requires a lifelong commitment. However, this does not mean that you will struggle for the rest of your life. What it means is that you have to watch out for yourself and make healthy choices that are conducive to sobriety. Fortunately, addiction responds well to treatment. You may find that you need a Phoenix recovery center at different times in your life, such as after a relapse. 

Typically, outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Arizona is readily accessible. That’s not to say there aren’t barriers to treatment (cost, family dynamics), but there are many addiction treatment facilities across Arizona. However, now that we are facing a global pandemic, in some cases, treatment is not as accessible. Some rehab facilities are limiting new clients, while others have shifted their programs to a virtual format. 

So what can you do if you’re looking to get clean and sober right now? Rest assured: you do have options, though you may need to be more flexible with the treatment formats, timing, and in-person care. Treatment in some form is always better than no treatment, so taking this step to get clean is all you need to start the road to recovery. 

How Do You Recognize Your Need for Addiction Rehab in Phoenix AZ?

Many people are unaware of when to seek treatment for substance abuse. It’s a common misconception that you need to hit rock bottom to require care. In fact, if you wait around for this to happen, your addiction could be worse and require more intensive levels of care. Additionally, you may have other issues to face, such as a criminal record, physical health problems and homelessness. 

The reality is that you can seek holistic, integrated addiction treatment at any time. The type of outpatient treatment you receive is matched to your needs, so it won’t be more or less intensive than you need it to be. Treating a substance abuse problem early on is easier and more effective. Plus, the hope is that you still have other aspects of your life intact, such as your family relationships and financial security. 

Remember, addiction doesn’t just go away on its own. It requires intervention, care, and education in order to arrest the dangerous progression of the disease. Here are some signs that you are ready for a outpatient recovery center in Phoenix. 

  • Physical dependence on drugs or alcohol 
  • Increased tolerance 
  • Symptoms of withdrawal 
  • Alcohol- or drug-related injuries 
  • Using substances to deal with your problems
  • Stressing over your next dose 
  • Abandoning hobbies 
  • Trouble in your relationships
  • Denying you have a problem 

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What are My Options for Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment During COVID-19? 

Even though we are facing a pandemic, drug and alcohol abuse remains a problem for our society. In fact, with people spending an increased amount of time at home and experiencing more boredom, the risk for developing an addiction is higher than ever. Consider that alcoholic beverage sales shot up 55% in the third week of March. 

Rehabs provide essential healthcare services, so they remain open during the coronavirus pandemic. However, these facilities are making necessary changes in order to keep their clients and staff safe and healthy. For example, most treatment centers are paying for additional cleanings, restricting visitors and moving programs online. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait to begin your recovery. Here are your options for addiction rehab and treatment programs during COVID-19. 

  • Inpatient treatment. Most treatment centers in Phoenix are accepting new clients. We recommend inpatient rehab for people who have severe addictions and live in unsupportive environments. 
  • Outpatient treatment. Outpatient care is flexible, convenient and affordable. Most outpatient programs have moved their therapy and support groups online, allowing you to access personalized care in the safety and comfort of your home. 
  • Recovery support groups. Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are meeting online. These groups help you stay connected to your peer network while finding motivation during this difficult time. 
  • Telehealth services. You can access telehealth services from numerous treatment providers, or check with your insurance provider. Telehealth services are expansive and include mental health and substance abuse treatment. 
  • Recovery apps. There are a number of online tools you can use to get clean and sober. For example, we love the Nomo sobriety clock app that helps you see your progress and track things like money saved and calories burned. This article shares a full list of highly rated recovery apps

Is it Safe to Seek Drug Rehab in Arizona Right Now? 

Rehabs are taking proactive measures to keep their facilities safe. It’s important not to let the fear of the pandemic stop you from getting the help you need. The reality is that contracting COVID-19 from a treatment center is very low. These centers are regularly testing clients and staff, complying with social distancing guidelines and ensuring extra cleanings and sanitization procedures. They also have an adequate supply of hand sanitizer on hand at all times. 

On the other hand, not treating your substance abuse issues can lead to lifelong problems. In fact, the isolation and loneliness you are facing right now can worsen your addiction. Now that you may have time off work or school, and there may be another adult in the home to care for the family, it’s a great time to set your priorities straight. Get the help you need to come out of this pandemic stronger, healthier and more confident than ever before. 

Continuum Recovery Center Offers Virtual Care During Coronavirus 

Continuum Recovery Center is an outpatient treatment center in Phoenix. In response to the pandemic, we have moved our PHP, IOP and OP programs to a virtual care platform. We have found this is the best way to provide personalized, effective, holistic, and  client-centered care in the safest way possible.  

If you need treatment, you can begin the admissions process online. This is a fast and easy way to verify your insurance and share your substance abuse history with our admissions department. We can then ensure our services are right for you. As a client of ours, you will have access to our therapists, coaches, case managers and support groups. 

For more information about starting treatment amid the coronavirus outbreak, please visit this page or contact us at 855-869-7132.