Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts

Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts

Do you know the best addiction recovery podcasts that are out there and where to find them? Everyone who enjoys these podcasts aimed at helping people in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol has a favorite one or two they enjoy. If you haven’t yet discovered how to bolster your recovery and stay motivated via podcasts, try out some of our choices and see what fits your needs.

Why Finding the Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts Helps You

One of the best features of an addiction recovery podcast is its ease of accessibility. No matter where you go, as long as you have your smartphone or access to the internet on another device, you’ve got recovery assistance at your fingertips. Some people have limited options for help while they navigate recovery because of living in rural areas or having limited transportation. For them, addiction recovery podcasts can be lifesavers. Even if you already participate in several recovery-oriented activities, such as support groups, individual therapy, and holistic endeavors, a podcast can provide that extra boost you need.

Many podcasts offer peer support, providing you with access to like-minded people who understand what you’re going through. You don’t have to drive anywhere or wait for a meeting to begin; podcast peer support typically exists no matter where you reside or the hour of the day. Many of the best addiction recovery podcasts are hosted by people who have put in years or even decades of walking the walk of recovery and now enjoy talking the talk in the form of a podcast. Wherever you are in your recovery journey, it can help to have options for reminders about how to avoid temptation and stay strong. 

Many of the best addiction recovery podcasts feature clinical experts who pass on their vast experience as therapists, doctors, and addiction counselors. They can often help explain the mindset of someone in the grips of addiction to drugs or alcohol. This proves beneficial to more than just individuals in recovery. Spouses, friends, parents, and other family members often learn a lot about how their loved ones feel and think while in recovery. This gives them an opportunity to offer more targeted support.

Busy Living Sober

Started by Elizabeth “Bizzy” Chance, the host pulls from her history of trying to live a life that seemed picture-perfect from the outside: wife, mother, and a closet full of designer clothes. Once alcohol addiction and drug use had taken over her life, Chance chose to recover and never looked back. The podcast serves as a reminder from Chance that most addictions only go so far, ending either in recovery or fatal circumstances. Recent topics include patience and learning that the road to recovery may not look exactly like you expect. For more info:

The Bubble Hour

Host Jean McCarthy uses her weekly podcast The Bubble Hour to help others find inspiration from her own recovery. An author and blogger, the name of McCarthy’s podcast comes from the idea that we have “bubbles” in our lives that we must fill with positive things in order to stay strong in recovery, particularly in the early days of getting sober. Her guest roster is female-heavy with a goal of helping people break free from addiction to alcohol and stay sober. For more info:

Recovery Rocks

Recovery Rocks is co-hosted by author Lisa Smith and Tawny Lara, who founded the SobrieTea Party. They discuss the different ways they approached their recoveries, as well as what they have in common. A continuous theme in this podcast is rock music aimed at people who enjoy Gen-X and millennial tunes, including how certain songs fit different aspects of recovery. For more info:

This Naked Mind

Hosted by Annie Grace, author of The Alcohol Experiment, in addition to other books, the idea for this podcast came from Grace’s own experience kicking alcohol addiction. An executive in a multinational company in her 20s, her relationship with alcohol became all-encompassing, causing her to change how she viewed her relationship with it. Podcast topics include drinking and anxiety, body image, and how to address hanging out with friends who still drink. For more info:

A Sober Girl’s Guide

A former Los Angeles DJ who enjoyed clubs and the party life, host Jessica Jeboult gave up the glamorous life that had turned too addiction-oriented and now hosts a podcast designed to help others follow in her footsteps. A Sober Girl’s Guide provides inspiration for those dealing with alcohol addiction. Choices for help include working at your own pace, group support, and one-on-one coaching. For more info:

Addiction Treatment in Phoenix

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If you or someone you love is ready to discuss how to put addiction to drugs or alcohol in your past, we can help. Contact Continuum Recovery Center in Phoenix today and start your life over.