Best Apps for Addiction Recovery

Best Apps for Addiction Recovery

When transitioning home from holistic addiction treatment, it’s important to have support in as many places as possible. This way, when you’re having a bad day or feeling the urge to use, you can turn to one of your resources. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to have support in the palm of your hand via apps for addiction recovery.

Recovery apps provide people with on-the-go addiction treatment and recovery resources. This gives them 24/7 access to support services, including real people who can walk them through a difficult moment. These apps also make it easy to track sobriety, monitor triggers and connect with peers. 

Why Use Mobile Apps in Recovery? 

Technology has afforded the healthcare industry with more options for personalized, accessible care. People can now access treatment from the comfort of home whether it’s to treat a minor illness or bout of depression. This accessible treatment is especially important for those in recovery because they need continued support as they navigate life after drug rehab in Phoenix

Apps for addiction recovery are not a standalone recovery tool but rather a supportive one. They have gained popularity in recent years because they provide a low-cost addiction treatment option to anyone with a mobile phone. By downloading the right apps, you can have access to licensed counselors, online forums, inspirational messages and more. 

Top Apps for Those in Addiction Recovery 

When they tell you “there’s an app for that,” they’re not lying! Below are the best apps our outpatient rehab in Phoenix recommends to clients. Most are free and available on iOS and Android, so be sure to check them out and find the ones that work for you! 

Twenty-Four Hours a Day, Free, iOS and Android

Twenty-Four Hours a Day is an app created by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. It encourages people in recovery to focus on their sobriety any time, anywhere. Included with the mobile app is the best-selling daily meditation book Twenty Four Hours a Day. The app also allows you to bring up random messages of support and search a wide selection of recovery books.

I Am Sober, Free, iOS and Android

The I Am Sober app lets you track your sober days and milestones, develop healthy habits and seek encouragement from a supportive community. We like this app because it has a “one day at a time” mentality. You can easily visualize how long you’ve been sober, breaking it down by the days, hours, minutes and seconds. 

Additional things you can do with the app are: 

  • Remember reasons why you quit 
  • Daily pledge tracker 
  • Sobriety calculator to see how much money you’ve saved 
  • Analyze triggers 
  • Share your story with others 
  • Track and celebrate your milestones 

There is also a Sober Plus subscription that gives you access to premium features such as creating groups, tracking more addictions and backing up your data. 

Sober Tool, Free, iOS and Android

Created by a Harvard-educated addiction counselor, Sober Tool lets you count the days you’ve been sober and calculate how much money you’ve saved. It also includes proven techniques to help you stay sober, such as daily motivational messages, chat forums, a built-in search engine, a fun game to avoid relapse, journaling, rewards for meeting your goals and more.  

Nomo, Free, iOS and Android

Parker is a guy in recovery and the person behind the Nomo app. He developed the tool to keep himself motivated and on track, and it quickly became a hit within the addiction recovery community. Nomo lets you track the number of days you’ve been sober. You can set up as many clocks as you’d like for any hurts, habits or hang ups you want to track. 

Some of the other things you can do with the Nomo app include: 

  • Share your clocks with other accountability partners
  • Send notifications to partners when you’re feeling tempted
  • Earn chips when you reach milestones 
  • See how much money you’ve saved 
  • Submit and read encouragements from the community 
  • Tap the “check in” buttons on your clocks to show you’re actively engaged in your recovery 

Sober Grid, Free, iOS and Android 

Sober Grid calls itself the #1 sober social network for people in recovery. It offers a ton of features such as a sobriety counter, check-ins and quests, 24/7 peer support and other critical resources to keep you sober. You can also maintain your privacy by staying anonymous, or you can open yourself up to meeting other sober people in your community. 

BetterHelp, Free (with in-app purchases), iOS and Android

We highly recommend having an app like BetterHelp on your phone. This app allows you to get professional and affordable counseling online. All counselors and therapists are licensed and cover a wide range of areas such as depression, anxiety and couples therapy. In fact, you can message your counselor day or night and schedule live sessions when you need them. 

If, at any time during your recovery you are feeling triggered, anxious or depressed, a licensed therapist is only a click away. You can call or text anytime and get yourself the immediate support needed to stay on track with your recovery. 

WEconnect Recovery, Free, iOS and Android 

WEconnect Recovery is another app created by people in recovery, so they understand the unique struggles addicts go through. The app provides online recovery meetings every day for those with substance use, mental health or eating disorders. There are also specialty meetings for harm reduction, LGBTQIA+ members and the family and loved ones of those in recovery. 

During the meetings, you are free to use video or audio. You can be as active as you want. Some people choose to stay anonymous or muted while others share their full names. The only thing that is required is respect for others – all meetings are a safe and judge-free space! 

Start Your Recovery Today 

Continuum Recovery Center is an outpatient rehab in Phoenix AZ that treats individuals with substance use and mental health disorders. With a full continuum of care, we continue to stay in contact with our clients long after their time in treatment. We hope that this list of mobile apps will help you strengthen your recovery as you transition back to everyday life. To start your recovery journey, contact Continuum Recovery Center today.