Utilizing an Employee Assistance Program for Rehab

Utilizing an Employee Assistance Program for Rehab

An Employee Assistance Program for rehab is a free service offered by employers to help staff members with a number of challenges such as substance abuse, mental health disorders, financial issues, legal problems and childcare challenges. These programs are intended for use – employees cannot be penalized for taking advantage of these services.

If you’re currently struggling with a substance abuse or mental health issue, you might be wondering if your workplace has an EAP and how these services work. While each program is unique, we can go over the basics of these programs and what you can expect from them. The most important thing to remember is this: You are not alone in your journey to addiction treatment in Phoenix

What is an Employee Assistance Program? 

An EAP is a confidential workplace program that employers pay for. It is free for employees. EAPs are highly beneficial, but unfortunately, they are underutilized. Many people are afraid to use these services for fear of being stigmatized, but the programs are completely confidential. Employers do not know who is utilizing these services, what the reasons are for and how often employees call. 

Here are some of the things that EAPs can address:

  • Mental health
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Financial counseling
  • Grief assistance 
  • Family issues 
  • Legal matters
  • Workplace personality conflicts

How Do I Know if My Work Offers an EAP? 

So how do you know if your workplace has an Employee Assistance Program? Ask your manager, Human Resources Department or a union/health safety representative. Not all businesses offer an EAP, but many do.

According to the International Employee Assistance Professional Association, an estimated 97 percent of companies with more than 5,000 employees have an EAP, 80 percent of companies with 1,001-5,000 employees have an EAP and 75 percent of companies with 251-1,000 employees have an EAP. 

Unfortunately, employees are often hesitant to take advantage of these services because of the stigma, confidentiality concerns and an overall lack of knowledge about them. We hope that by talking more about EAPs and their benefits, people get used to using these services whenever they need support! 

How Can an EAP Help with My Addiction? 

If you struggle with substance abuse, an EAP is a great place to start. It can be overwhelming to go through all of your options when you’re dealing with addiction and trying to hold things together. An EAP gives you a safe space to discuss your issues. All conversations are private and confidential. Your employer will not know you’re using these services.  

Once you discuss your substance abuse issues, the EAP will take care of the legwork for you. Isn’t this nice? They can point you to medical care, counseling and peer support services. They can also make sure that these services fall within your insurance plan. Best of all, most EAPs have a 24-hour hotline so you can call at any time. 

Things to Consider When Using EAP Services 

Employee Assistance Programs are a great start to your addiction recovery journey, but it’s important to understand what these services do. For example, EAPs do not provide intensive treatment services. Depending on the severity of your drug or alcohol problem, you may need intensive outpatient treatment in Phoenix

Here are a few more important things to know about EAPs: 

  • If your employer refers you to an EAP because of your alcohol or drug use on the job, they may receive updates about your progress. 
  • If you are a threat to another employee or person, the EAP will likely be required to notify your employer. 
  • Standard crisis intervention services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also offer multiple methods of service delivery, such as phone or email. 
  • The EAP must staff professionals who maintain professional knowledge of the available treatment services. They must also add services based on need and industry trends. 

Other rules and restrictions may vary from program to program. But do not let these deter you from using the services. For the most part, EAPs are confidential, voluntary and intended to help those struggling with substance abuse and mental health problems. 

Can I Be Fired from My Job if I Need Drug Rehab in Phoenix? 

As long as you’re entering drug treatment in Phoenix AZ before disciplinary action is taken, your job is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. But if you’re actively using drugs and not getting the help you need, then you can be fired. 

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protects your job if you have to leave for medical reasons. This law mandates that employees get 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year if they meet certain requirements. You also will not lose your insurance during this time. FMLA applies to all companies that have 50 or more employees. 

What if My Work Doesn’t Have an EAP? 

If your work doesn’t currently have an Employee Assistance Program for rehab, you can talk to HR about starting one. Be sure to do your research and explain why you think this program would be a good fit for your workplace. Unfortunately, this won’t help you right now. 

There are some alternatives to an EAP. You can enter an outpatient alcohol rehab at any point to begin your recovery. This will treat your addiction and prevent you from losing your job and spiraling further into addiction. Again, your job is protected under the ADA and you can take FMLA for time off. 

Other alternatives to consider are wellness/health programs and disease management programs. These programs often include education, monitoring and group activities. You can also join a 12-step group and attend meetings regularly, or you can meet with a therapist who specializes in addiction treatment. 

Continuum Recovery Center offers outpatient addiction treatment in Arizona. Our outpatient programs are flexible, accommodating and effective – they’re perfect for working professionals! We regularly support individual’s utilizing their Employee Assistance Program for rehab and help employees overcome substance use and mental health problems. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible outpatient programs.