What is Holistic Outpatient Treatment – and How is it Different?

What is Holistic Outpatient Treatment – and How is it Different?

Holistic Outpatient Treatment

A holistic outpatient treatment center focuses on the whole person and not just the physical symptoms. It supports the idea that the Mind, Body, and Spirit are All Connected in the Healing Process. When a holistic approach is applied to addiction treatment, it allows people to heal and improve all aspects of their lives. 

Continuum Recovery Center is a holistic outpatient drug treatment center that believes in the power of holistic healing. We realize that there are many motivations for using drugs and alcohol, such as treating physical pain or improving a mental or spiritual state. By uncovering these reasons and giving clients the knowledge and resources to improve their lives, the chances for a full recovery are much higher. 

Below you’ll find more information about holistic healing practices and how they benefit long-term sobriety. 

Understanding Holistic Recovery for Addiction 

Holistic addiction recovery centers use alternative methods in addition to mainstream treatment, including nature-based practices and evidence-based practices. Because the whole person is given attention, a wide range of therapies are helpful in addressing substance abuse and underlying mental illness. 

Not all treatment centers take a holistic approach, but it is becoming more common. After all, recovery encompasses a person’s entire life. Therefore, treatment should encompass multiple aspects of a client’s life and psychology. If a holistic recovery is important to you, as it should be, you’ll want to Make Sure Your Treatment Center Follows this Philosophy

Objectives of Holistic Therapy 

Holistic therapy programs dig deeper into the reasons for addiction. True healing comes from working through past hurts, acknowledging your shortcomings, and treating co-occurring mental illness. By making these transformations in your life, you can avoid falling back into old habits. 

Here are the Main Objectives of Holistic Recovery for Addiction: 

  • Identify the Underlying Causes of Addiction
  • Strengthen Resistance to Cravings 
  • Encourage Nutrition and Fitness
  • Improve Self-Confidence 
  • Reduce Appeal to Drugs and Alcohol 
  • Develop Stress-Reduction Techniques 

Types of Holistic Addiction Therapy 

Holistic outpatient alcohol treatment encompasses several aspects of healthy living. By choosing a holistic recovery program like Continuum Recovery Center, you will have a wide range of therapies to choose from. You can practice these therapies during your time with us to see which ones work best. 

Generally speaking, these are the Main Therapies Included in Holistic Healing: 

  • Nutritional Therapy. Holistic recovery focuses on proper nutrition. We guide Our Clients to Get Their Nutrients from the Foods they Eat. Supplements and IV therapy are sometimes included to replenish the body. 
  • Exercise Therapy. Daily exercise relieves stress, strengthens the body, and promotes a healthy routine. Fitness is important at Continuum Recovery Center. We offer a clean, spacious weight room and yoga studio, with professional fitness and yoga coaches. 
  • Meditation. Meditation is more powerful than people often realize. It helps you achieve a clear mind and minimize harmful self-talk. Yoga and tai chi are also used as meditative practices.
  • Massage and Acupuncture. Massage and acupuncture are other staples of holistic healing because they relax the body, clear the mind, and relieve stress. Acupuncture can also restore balance in your body. 
  • Music and Art Therapy. Music and art therapies are helpful at processing inner emotions and gaining clarity on your feelings. Plus, learning a new instrument increases self-confidence. 
  • Naturopathic Remedies. To give the body a boost in early recovery, naturopathic remedies like IV therapy, nutritional supplements, and education are helpful. 

Benefits of Holistic Outpatient Treatment 

In conventional treatment, the physical symptoms of the addiction are treated. While this is an important step in getting clean and sober, Recovering Addicts Need More Than This. Your recovery is more likely to be successful when you understand your triggers and how to work through stressful situations. 

Here are the Most Common Causes of Addiction: 

  • Inability to Control Emotions 
  • Peer Pressure/Popularity 
  • Poor Lifestyle Changes 
  • Coping with Trauma 
  • Depression 
  • Filling Voids 
  • Stress Reduction 
  • Enhancing Mood 
  • Self-Esteem Issues 
  • Self-Medicating Mental Health Disorders 
  • Compulsive Behaviors 

Rather than getting clean and being sent back into the world, holistic therapy uncovers the trauma you may be holding onto. The therapies you learn in outpatient rehab drug treatment will prove helpful in times of stress. For example, if you’re experiencing a drug craving, you will learn how to redirect this negative energy towards something constructive like art, music, meditation, or exercise. 

Who are the Best Candidates for Holistic Recovery for Addiction? 

Anyone who is struggling with substance abuse is a good fit for a holistic treatment program. However, the people who do best in this type of program want to understand their reasons for using drugs and alcohol and develop healthy coping techniques. If you are committed to getting sober, you will find the keys to success in a treatment program like Continuum Recovery Center.

As an outpatient rehab, our services are incredibly convenient. You don’t have to uproot your life for the next several months. You can continue working, going to school, or taking care of your family while seeking support for your substance abuse. Thankfully, this makes it easier to transition to everyday life as you’ll be taking steps in the right direction little by little. 

Usually, People who do Best in Outpatient Drug Rehab Share these Characteristics: 

  • Prefer to Stay Close to Home and Family 
  • Strong Support Network to Rely On
  • Desire to Learn Healthy Coping Strategies 
  • Need for Spiritual Grounding 
  • Resolve Malnutrition and UnhealthyEating 
  • Help with Establishing a Stable Routine 

Start Your Journey to Holistic Recovery Today 

Are you ready to start your journey to holistic healing? Continuum Recovery Center provides a full continuum of care that includes counseling, holistic healing practices, and job re-entry programs. You can use our services for as long as you need them. Whatever your needs are, we have recovery solutions to help you reach your sobriety goals. 

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