Important Questions to Ask Before Going to a Phoenix Rehab Center

Important Questions to Ask Before Going to a Phoenix Rehab Center

Individuals and families looking for drug rehab centers in Phoenix don’t have time to waste. With so many choices available, it can be difficult to sort through all the options. This is why it is beneficial to have the important questions to ask before going to a rehab center available.

To help narrow down your search, we recommend starting with your insurance. Your insurance company will let you know of the treatment centers that are covered. Or, if you find a treatment center that seems to be a good fit, call their admissions coordinators directly and verify coverage.

When speaking with treatment facilities, it helps to get consistent feedback. Below are the questions we suggest to ask each drug rehab center in Phoenix before making a decision.

How does the rehab program define success?

Different programs have different expectations. An outpatient program may expect patients to attend their weekly counseling sessions. An inpatient program may define success as completing the program and staying sober for a certain length of time. Understanding what success means is important, as you want a rehab center that supports your goals.

Are harmful substances used to treat withdrawal symptoms?

Some rehabs in Phoenix use pharmaceutical drugs (Xanax, Valium) to manage their clients’ withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, there is no other choice but to use these medications because the symptoms are so severe. That said, there are often other ways to treat symptoms, such as exercise, nutrition and alternative therapies. Does the treatment facility offer any of them?

Does the rehab program include a nutritional component?

Nutrition can be underrated, but it is a very important part of the recovery process. In order for the body to heal, it needs the right vitamins and nutrients. Medications aren’t the only answer. Plus, addicts are often in a poor state of health when they start treatment, which further exacerbates symptoms like depression, fatigue and insomnia.

Does the rehab program teach sufficient life skills?

Some recovering addicts come out of alcohol rehab in Phoenix feeling the best they have in a long time. But, the world is filled with stressors and problems that can quickly dampen the mood. To prevent relapse, effective treatment centers teach essential life skills to their clients. This may include having outlets for stress, maintaining healthy relationships, expressing feelings and managing finances.

Are rehab aftercare services provided?

Recovery is an ongoing process. Newly recovering addicts need all the support they can get. Look for a facility that creates unique aftercare plans based on the person’s needs and home environment. It’s important for people to know where they can get help if they need it.

Outpatient Rehab Center in Phoenix, AZ

In the end, only you can judge which program is best for you or a loved one. Taking the time to ask the right questions will help you make a more informed decision. To learn more about Continuum Recovery Center, call us today.

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