How Do I Start Drug Addiction Treatment?

How Do I Start Drug Addiction Treatment?

Starting Drug Addiction Treatment

Starting Drug Addiction Treatment is an important first step in getting help with addiction. When first talking about or going for addiction treatment, the process can appear obviously overwhelming. While there are a lot of steps involved in this journey, it’s helpful to break them down and prepare yourself for what to expect. 

Sometimes, Addicts Refuse Help Because They’re Intimidated by the process. Other times, families don’t push it because they think it’s too expensive or difficult. But, recovery is easier and more accessible than you think! 

For example, treatment comes in many forms, and you don’t need to leave your home and family to get it. Specifically, outpatient drug rehab in Phoenix allows you to maintain your normal routine while seeking support for your addiction. 

Let’s discuss the main steps of drug addiction treatment so that you know what to expect from each one. And, by choosing a comprehensive drug rehab program like Continuum Recovery Center in Phoenix, Arizona, you can expect a full continuum of care that will support you throughout the entire journey. 

Step 1: Intervention 

Not all addicts need an intervention to accept help, but some do. You can Stage a Formal Intervention with close family members and a mediator, or you can sit down and talk to your loved one about their problem. 

Addicts are often in denial, which is why interventions are usually more effective than just having a talk. Interventions put the spotlight on the addict and encourage them to get help or face the consequences of their addiction. You can find more information about holding an intervention HERE

Step 2: Admissions and Intake 

Once your loved one agrees to accept help, it’s time for the next step: admissions and intake. Fortunately, outpatient drug rehabs in Phoenix make this process as easy as possible so that it’s less intimidating for everyone involved. All it takes to complete this process is a simple phone call. 

When calling Continuum Recovery Center, your call will be answered by a trained admissions specialist. During this phone call, we’ll verify your insurance, answer any questions you or your loved one has, and ensure our drug rehab is the right fit. The intake process refers to physically arriving at the rehab and completing the administrative process. 

Step 3: Assessment 

To have a better understanding of the client’s needs, alcohol rehabs in Phoenix conduct a formal assessment. This gives them the opportunity to identify underlying mental health conditions and physical ailments. 

At Continuum Recovery Center, we use our assessments to build a comprehensive treatment plan that maximizes each client’s journey back to a drug and alcohol-free life of health and wholeness. Rest assured that we continually assess all clients to ensure their treatment plan is working. With this proactive approach, our clients are able to receive highly personalized care that meets their changing needs. 

Starting Drug Addiction Treatment

Starting Drug Addiction Treatment. Make Yourself Your Own Hero!

Step 4: Detox 

Now the real work starts.  Depending on the severity and duration and specifics of the addiction, some clients may need medical detox,  which involves removing harmful substances and toxins from the body. This way, clients can start sober and with a clean slate. If they’re under the influence, they won’t be able to think clearly or rationally, which is why this is the first step in sobriety. 

Medically supervised detox is preferable to self-detox. Clients receive around-the-clock care and supervision, as well as access to prescription medications to control withdrawal symptoms. Because Continuum Recovery Center is an outpatient rehab in Phoenix, we do not offer detox services. But we will refer clients out to highly-rated detoxes when medically appropriate, and we do have tools like the Bridge Device that can aid in this process. 

Step 5: Counseling 

Once the client is clean and sober, they can start counseling. This is the “meat and potatoes” of addiction treatment. Counseling is provided at both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Early in recovery, more counseling is ideal because addicts need to learn about themselves, their triggers, and how to apply healthy coping skills to their lives. 

Be aware that counseling comes in many forms. The individual, group, and family therapies are most common, but there are different techniques within them. For example, individual therapy can include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Continuum Recovery Center offers all of the above therapies and more. Our counselors determine what therapies clients will benefit from most based on their symptoms and triggers. We also have various forms of holistic treatments to supplement a well-rounded recovery such as meditation, yoga, naturopathic remedies, and music and art therapy. 

Step 6: Early Recovery 

We want to include “early recovery” in this process because it’s distinct in its own way. Early recovery refers to the first year in sobriety. It’s the most fragile year because addicts are closest to their addiction and still healing. 

Due to the above factors, the risk for relapse is higher during early recovery. This is why we recommend the following: 

  • Follow a Structured Aftercare Plan (more on this below) 
  • Attend Counseling and 12-Step Groups 
  • Build Recovery with Outpatient Treatment in Phoenix
  • Create a Strong Support Circle 
  • Practice Good Self-Care 
  • Develop Healthy Hobbies 
  • Recognize the Signs of Relapse 

Step 7: Life After Treatment 

Recovery is an ongoing process that you can’t rush through. Each person is different, but expect to have your fair share of good days and bad days. Having realistic expectations is important, as people can’t expect to heal from years of substance abuse and other underlying traumas in a few weeks or months. 

The aftercare plan your loved one will be sent home with is an important tool. Follow it as best as possible, as it’s made specifically for their needs and healing potential. As your loved one grows stronger in their recovery, they will have a lower risk for relapse. Nevertheless, keep in mind that aftercare lasts forever. 

Contact Continuum Recovery Center Today 

Continuum Recovery Center offers a full spectrum of addiction treatment. We will help you with all of your needs. Start the admissions process by contacting us by phone or Filling Out Our Pre-Admission Form Online. Be honest, as this will make it easier for us to provide you with an accurate assessment. 

The initial stages of substance abuse treatment in Phoenix may be tough, but remember that the rewards are long-lasting. Recovery does not have to be a painful experience – and sobriety isn’t boring either! You will lead a happy, social, and fulfilled life without being weighed down by drugs and alcohol. 

Call Continuum Recovery Center to learn more about our Treatment Options and how to start your journey to freedom.

If you would like to apply for Pre-Admissions into our Treatment Program, see our Pre-Admissions Section for Enrolling In Treatment.