The Most Fun Sober Activities

The Most Fun Sober Activities

For some people, the thought of living a sober life does not sound enticing. They’re used to using drugs or alcohol to let loose and party harder, so it’s hard to imagine a life where none of this happens. But we can assure you that a sober life is not boring at all. In fact, it’s way more interesting! 

Drugs or alcohol are not your key to living happier or better. Below are some of the best ways you can have fun after you finish up drug treatment in Phoenix AZ. And, don’t forget that you will meet plenty of people along the way who will be enjoying the same type of fun as you! 

Travel, Road Trips and Camping 

You don’t have to travel far or do anything elaborate to reap the benefits of travel. In fact, you might find it safest to take a mini road trip or camping trip instead of traveling to a resort where the alcohol will be flowing. Traveling is a wonderful way to leave behind your stress and enjoy positive experiences in a brand new location. 

Think about some of the things you like to do. Some people prefer to stay in a hotel and pamper themselves during the day at a spa. Others enjoy hiking and kayaking in the great outdoors. Others prefer to explore new areas and learn about their histories. Let your interests shape where you travel to. 

Amusement Parks and Festivals 

For those who enjoy thrilling adventures, an amusement park is a great way to get this feeling! Spend a day at your favorite amusement park or buy a pass so that you can visit throughout the season. If you don’t have an amusement park nearby, consider some type of fun park that offers bumper cars, go-karts and mini golf. 

Now that it’s summer, you can also fill your calendar by visiting all the different festivals in your local vicinity. Stick to the areas where the games and rides are – usually alcohol must stay in a designated area so it shouldn’t be a trigger. You can also find many indoor parks that offer laser tag, adult trampolines, ziplining and more. 

Arcades and Video Games 

Whether it’s a classic game of pinball or a virtual reality game, you can find all types of entertainment at an arcade. And these games are far better than the ones you play on your phone! Grab a few friends and check out a gaming lounge or station that offers VR escape rooms, multiplayer games, classic games and more. 

Water Park and Swimming Pools 

Joining your friends at a water park is another excellent way to pass the time while having a blast. Between thrilling water slides, relaxing on the lazy river or playing a game of catch in the pool, you can spend hours by the water without even realizing it. This is not something you would want to do under the influence, so it’s a great reminder of what you’ve been missing. 

If you’re not much of a swimmer, grab your favorite book and sit by the poolside. At least this way, you’re out of the home and soaking up mood-boosting Vitamin D. Or if there is a hot tub nearby, relax your muscles and joints in the hot bubbly water. Be sure to pack healthy snacks like fresh cut veggies and treat yourself to a lemonade or iced tea afterwards. 

Entertaining at Your House 

Enjoy having people over at your house? Invite members from your 12-step group and IOP in Phoenix over for a party! Some people love to host, and there’s no reason why you can’t throw amazing parties without drugs or alcohol. The part is – no one will be sick or hungover the next day! 

Entertaining is actually very healthy because it gets your mind focused on cleaning the home, shopping and preparing food and games. You don’t need a reason to have people over, either. It could be a holiday, a sports game, the finale of your favorite TV show – whatever! Over time, you’ll learn to appreciate these days far more than the old times. 

Educational Workshops and Classes 

If you love to challenge yourself, consider taking an online course or an evening course at a local community college. There are also a number of workshops and classes you can take at your local park district or library. You can pick the things you’re interested in and meet others who have similar interests as you. 

Aside from educational workshops, consider studying a foreign language, finishing a degree program, reading books, learning an instrument and more. Between art, music, foreign studies, politics and world religions, there is something for everyone to pursue! 

Volunteer Your Time and Talents 

Volunteering is an amazing opportunity for anyone, especially someone working through addiction treatment in Phoenix. As you learn and grow, you’ll want to find your greater purpose in life, and volunteering is the perfect way to do this. You can work with animals, serve meals to the homeless, help battered women and children and more. The feeling of helping others is wonderful in itself, and you’ll get to meet a lot of selfless people along the way. 

Volunteering also does wonders for your self-esteem and self-confidence, two things you need to succeed in recovery. You’re doing good for others and the community and can carry with you a sense of pride as you work the 12 steps. And who knows – you might even get offered a part-time job! 

A Sober Life IS a Fun Life! Start Your Recovery Today! 

The world doesn’t have to look bleak and uninteresting just because you’re sober. As we mentioned above, being sober is way more fun and eventful. You get to see the world and live your life – not be a slave to your addiction. To start your journey to recovery, contact Continuum Recovery Center in Phoenix, AZ today.