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Second Dimension Of Wellness: Environment

Second Dimension Of Wellness: Environment

Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness. The second section in the eight-part series on The Eight Dimensions Of Wellness focuses on one’s environment.

It is important for someone in recovery to surround him or herself with an environment that supports wellness.

Finding or developing this environment may take changing the people, places, and things around the individual.

Understand The Power Of Environment

One of the most important issues someone would need to go through in recovery is learning the importance of Environmental Wellness.

It is impossible to maintain wellness in an environment that feels unsafe or unstable.

Achieving long-term wellness as someone in sobriety takes living in a place that provides not only security and comfort but also peace of mind.

A safe and clean place to live can help someone in recovery feel in control of his or her life.

Living in the right environment can provide the following benefits:


The right environment will have friends and a solid support group to assist in sober living. Having a supportive group of friends, rather than a group that might lead you down the wrong path, can make the difference on the road to recovery.


Your environment should remain close to professional help, such as addiction support groups and rehabilitation clinics. Living in close proximity to professional help can give you the resources you need for a solid sobriety foundation.


Building the right environment can bring a sense of balance to your life. Instead of feeling off-kilter or out of place, you can feel like you belong. This in turn can give you back control over what you do and with whom you spend your time.


Living somewhere you feel safe can also give you added physical benefits. A safe environment can support your wellness journey by allowing you to walk, run, hike, bike, and get in other types of physical activity.


Having a safe space you know you can return to at any time to rest, relax, or retreat from the world without aiding your addiction can give you respite during hard times. Downtime in a comfortable home can give you time to work through a difficult situation or trigger.

Environmental Wellness is a dimension of wellness because without solid ground to stand on, it can be impossible to get back on one’s feet.

Finding or creating a healthy, safe, and sober environment is an integral step in achieving lifelong recovery. It is worthwhile to spend time cultivating the right environment if you wish to take your recovery seriously.

Find Or Build The Right Environment

The right environment gives you everything you need to feel safe.

It should have high-quality food, clean air, and plenty of water. It should provide a pleasant yet stimulating space that supports your overall well-being.

Most importantly, it should be a place where you enjoy spending time.

A strong wellness-oriented environment for someone recovering from addiction has the following traits:


Your home does not have to be boring to be a safe, sober space. In fact, it should be the opposite so that you feel fulfilled and content. Make your space stimulating with things like plants to care for, games you enjoy, good books to read, motivation boards, an at-home gym, a meditation space, and a great kitchen for cooking.


Create a space that supports your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. You should have enough space to move around and exercise, as well as spaces to rest and relax. Discover what allows you to feel completely safe and comfortable. Then, fill your space with these things.


A wellness-oriented environment is a place you actually want to spend time in. Going home should not feel like a punishment. Home should be an oasis you look forward to returning to at the end of the day. Make your space a place you enjoy by decorating it to your liking and filling it with fun or relaxing things to do.


Finally, a good environment supports the larger Prioritize green living to give back to the world. Recycle whenever possible, and limit the resources you use at home. Spend some time in green aisles when shopping for your new home or living space.

Assess your current living environment. Does it tick off these boxes?

Your home might be full of triggers and emotional traps that can lead to negative, addictive responses. The foundation of your recovery journey depends on your environment.

You may need to make certain changes to create an environment that supports your health and wellness.

Tips For Great Environmental Wellness

If you do not know where to begin building the right sober environment, start with the people.

You will need a space that separates you from toxic people. This can be one of the most difficult steps of creating a wellness environment, but it is also the most critical. A home full of people who might fuel your addiction or bring you back into a negative headspace will not help your recovery.

Put space between you and friends or family members that drink, use substances, or with whom you have a complicated relationship.

Next, focus on the space itself.

It should be clean and serene. Get rid of clutter and start a new system of organization for your home and workspaces. Create a cleaning schedule to help you feel more in control. Decorate your space in a style that supports wellness. Keep the décor clean, simple, and tailored for relaxation.

Try creating a space where you can do yoga or meditation at home. This can promote mindfulness, contemplation, and relaxation.

Preserve your neighborhood by recycling and using public transportation or biking/walking whenever possible.

Proactively Protect Your Environment

Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness: Having Cultivated the Perfect Environment for Wellness, Protect Your Space!

Once you have cultivated the perfect environment for wellness, protect your space.

If you invite guests over, make sure they know your home is a sober space – no drugs or alcohol allowed.

Keep up a cleaning schedule. Take time to go through your home and de-clutter at least once per month.

Keep your space clean, healthy, safe, and supportive of your recovery journey.

Letting your environment slip back into what it once was could trigger a relapse.

If you need to move to a different neighborhood or city to get away from triggers, do so.

Your recovery should be your number one priority.

Achieve Environmental Wellness

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