Why You Should Start Treatment Now and Not Procrastinate Until the New Year

Why You Should Start Treatment Now and Not Procrastinate Until the New Year

Start Treatment Now, Don’t Procrastinate!

Start Treatment Now, Don’t Procrastinate Until the New Year! You may not think that the holidays are the right time to enter drug rehab in Phoenix, but you’d be surprised to know that it is! While there is no “right” time to start an addiction treatment program, there are many benefits to starting your journey during the holiday season. Not only will you be giving your loved ones the best gift of all but yourself as well. 

If you need Substance Abuse Treatment in Phoenix and are waiting for the right time to make the commitment, now is the time. Below are some unique benefits to expect by turning the chapter today.

Get Sober in Time for the New Year

If you’re attracted to the idea of starting treatment because of the New Year, consider that starting today will have you sober by the first of January. You’ll still have a lot of work to do, but you will be off drugs and alcohol and working your program. This will make it easier to set goals for yourself and foresee your future as a sober individual. 

Waiting until the first of the year (or any time really) gives you more opportunities to get into trouble. Instead of waiting for more to go wrong, make the commitment today, and get yourself the help, you need to be happy and healthy. 

Avoid Holiday Triggers 

By starting outpatient substance abuse treatment in Phoenix today, you can Avoid the Triggers of the Holiday Season. Whether it’s fractured family relationships, old traditions revolving around alcohol, or the stress from being financially stretched, the holidays push some people to indulge more. 

Unfortunately, indulging over the holiday season can cause you to worsen your addiction and make mistakes you can’t come back from. Rather than fighting against these urges, you can enter rehab and work on becoming a healthier version of yourself. While you will have to navigate the holidays sober come next year, you’ll already have a solid 12 months of recovery under your belt. 

Dodge Holiday Depression 

Another thing you can dodge if you choose to seek treatment now is Holiday-Related Depression. Holiday depression and stress is a very real thing, and it affects people from all walks of life. However, if you rely on drugs and alcohol to make you feel better, these feelings can cause you to worsen your addiction. The better option is to Seek Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Phoenix and avoid holiday-related stress and depression. 

Not to mention, holiday depression can cause people to overeat, less nighttime sleep, and feel anxious. Luckily, this can all be avoided when you enter a treatment program. Instead of having opportunities to worsen your addiction, you can arrest the progression of the disease in its tracks and start a new chapter. 

Use Your Leave from Work

Many people enjoy less rigid work schedules over the holiday season. If you are one of them, consider using your vacation time to cover the days you’ll be in treatment. You can also use the holiday season to explain why you’ll be spending more time out of work. Lots of people take time off to travel, visit loved ones, and prepare for the holidays. 

Not to mention, Your Job is Protected While You are in Treatment. And, no one has to know why you’re taking time off work in the first place – this is confidential. With a more flexible schedule over the holidays (and lots of people taking off as well), you can get away with going to treatment without anyone asking too many questions. 

Start Treatment Now.

Start Treatment Now, Don’t Procrastinate! Start Treatment with Continuum Recovery Today.

Prevent Further Consequences 

You should never wait to start treatment if you know that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. When you recognize this issue, you can enter a treatment center at any time. You do not have to wait until things get worse or you hit rock bottom. 

In fact, entering rehab earlier can stop your habit from progressing into bigger problems. If you keep using, you could end up without a job, lose custody of your kids, or have a criminal record. So, if you are contemplating treatment, don’t wait until the holidays are over. By the time this happens, you could have a deeper issue and further consequences. Seek help today.

Hibernate As Others Do 

For many parts of the country, this season is a time when people tend to retreat indoors. The holidays are a time for family, while summer is more relaxed and spent with friends and neighbors. 

If you want to keep your substance abuse private, you can more easily do so when you seek drug rehab in Phoenix over the winter. A simple, “Sorry I can’t join. I’ll be with my family,” is enough to get people off your back. By the time spring and summer roll around, you’ll already be clean and more confident about your recovery. 

Prepare for New Year, New You

2021 is right around the corner, and you don’t have to wait until the clock strikes midnight on NYE to better yourself. You can face your addiction and take the next step today. By the time the first of the year rolls around, you’ll already have gone through detox.

Counseling, which comes after detox, is the point in treatment where you start learning about yourself and Your Motivations for Using Drugs and Alcohol. Your new year will look promising with this work already under your belt. Imagine approaching the New Year with a good head on your shoulders!

Start Your Recovery Today 

Continuum Recovery Center outpatient rehab in Phoenix offers convenient, affordable, and holistic outpatient healing from substance abuse treatment in Phoenix. We are open year-round and can support your recovery journey at any point. With medication-assisted treatment and the Bridge device (which minimizes opiate withdrawal symptoms), you can start your journey with us at any time. 

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