Working With Your Insurance to Get Into Outpatient Treatment

Working With Your Insurance to Get Into Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment and Insurance

Outpatient Treatment and Insurance. Outpatient treatment is offered in thousands of rehab centers across the U.S., including many here in Arizona. Many treatment centers accept payments from insurance companies, though not all policies provide full coverage. This is what makes paying for Outpatient Drug Rehab in Phoenix a bit of a challenge, as you never know what you’ll have to pay out of pocket. 

Unless you have unlimited reserves, the cost of treatment is a prime concern for most families. Fortunately, accessing high-quality treatment at an affordable cost is easier than ever before. Below we’ll cover the basics on how you can use your health insurance to cover outpatient care and what limitations to be aware of. 

Does Insurance Cover Outpatient Treatment in Phoenix

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance providers must provide some coverage for substance abuse treatment services. Specifically, they must cover inpatient behavioral health services, behavioral health care (counseling, psychotherapy), and addiction treatment. However, how much your policy covers and your specific benefits depend on the health plan you choose. 

The reason why substance abuse and mental health services are now covered by insurance is that they are deemed “medically necessary.” A Medical Necessity is a Medical Procedure, Service, or Test required to follow a doctor’s diagnosis. If you have a procedure done and it is not covered by your insurance, it’s probably because it was not medically necessary. 

If you are diagnosed with a substance abuse problem, treatment is necessary. This is why insurance will cover some or all of the costs associated with it. But, you are still responsible for paying your deductible as well as any copays or coinsurance. This is where your out-of-pocket costs come from. 

How Can I Find Out What My Insurance Covers? 

There are a few ways you can determine what your insurance policy covers in terms of outpatient treatment in Phoenix. Start with your insurance company – read your health insurance documents or call your health insurance provider. They can explain what coverage options you have, as well as any exclusions or limitations.

If you have a treatment center in mind, you can contact their admissions department. For example, Continuum Recovery in Phoenix can verify your insurance and find out what your policy covers. We work with many insurance providers to get our clients the counseling and treatment services they deserve. 

Why is Insurance Covering Less for Me?

What your insurance covers depend on your provider, your plan, and the treatment center you choose. Some plans have higher monthly premiums, but they cover a greater percentage of your treatment costs. On the other hand, some plans have lower monthly premiums but only cover 70-80 percent of treatment costs. Deductibles tend to work in the same way. 

The type of treatment you receive also makes a difference. Inpatient Treatment is More Expensive because you have to pay for room and board. Even if your insurance covers inpatient care, the bill is going to be bigger, which means more money out of pocket. Outpatient alcohol rehab in Phoenix only charges for the services rendered. Because of this, prices are less expensive and your out-of-pocket costs are less as well. 

Additionally, your policy may have some exclusions. Some policies don’t cover exercise programs, holistic therapies, or alternative therapies. To make sure that you have all the information you need, here are the questions to ask before enrolling in treatment: 

  • Are there any treatment services that are not covered? 
  • How much of the bill will I be responsible for? 
  • Is anything owed on the deductible? 
  • What length of treatment will be covered? 
  • Which facilities are in-network?
Outpatient Treatment and Insurance

Outpatient Treatment and Insurance. Find Out What Your Insurance Covers!

What Happens if I Can’t Afford the Remaining Balance? 

Substance abuse treatment in Phoenix is an investment, so it’s not uncommon to have a balance to pay off. But treatment centers can help relieve this burden on their clients and families. This is why they accept other options like credit card payments, payment plans, and personal loans. 

To keep costs down, be sure to choose an in-network treatment facility. If you have an HMO Plan, you can request a list of treatment centers from your insurance company. Typically, HMOs only cover select in-networking treatment programs, and any services not on the list are the client’s responsibility. 

PPOs, on the other hand, offer plans that allow members to go to any treatment facility. The plan then covers a certain percentage of the treatment, so you’ll want to pay attention to what the treatment center is charging overall. 

Drug Rehab in Phoenix: Always Less Expensive than Addiction 

No matter how much you have to pay for treatment, keep in mind that it’s always less expensive than continuing your addiction. Substance abuse costs our nation over $600 billion a year. It results in lost productivity, a burden on the healthcare system, a burden on the criminal justice system, reckless behavior, drugged driving, and more. 

According to Several Conservative Estimates, every dollar spent on addiction treatment gives a return of $4-$7 in drug-related crime, criminal justice costs, and theft. When including healthcare, savings can exceed costs by a ratio of 12:1. The Workplace also Sees a Drastic Improvement because there are fewer interpersonal conflicts, improved productivity, and fewer drug-related accidents. 

Not to mention, abusing substances is an expensive habit. This is why some addicts end up stealing money and running through their savings accounts. Once the brain is addicted, nothing can stop it from seeking out the substances it craves. If you’re not working and blowing all your money on drugs and alcohol, you’ll soon end up in debt. And this doesn’t even account for the legal problems you can run into.

Continuum Recovery Accepts Insurance 

While substance abuse treatment in Phoenix can be a financial hurdle for some families, there are many ways to make rehab accessible, attainable, and affordable. Continuum Recovery offers outpatient treatment services that come at a discounted rate compared to inpatient treatment services. We accept most forms of insurance. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to verify your insurance and determine what services are covered. 

If You Would Like to Apply for Pre-Admissions into our Treatment Program, see Our Pre-Admissions Section for Enrolling In Treatment.