Should You Worry About Your Summer Drinking Habits?

Should You Worry About Your Summer Drinking Habits?

Summer is the season that most people wait for. It means lazy days by the pool and late evenings on the patio. Many summer events involve alcohol, so it’s easy to drink more than usual. This could be every weekend, several days a week or even every night. How do you know when to worry about your summer drinking habits? Will they go away when things pick back up in the fall? Or could this be the start of something serious that needs alcohol rehab in Phoenix?

Why People Drink More in the Summer

People drinking more during the summer months is not an illusion. According to research published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol, it was found that the summer months are the most popular months to drink, excluding December. Heavy drinkers tend to drink year-round, but others pick up the habit in the summer when their friends are doing it, too.

There are a couple of theories why people tend to consume more alcohol in the summer. First, drinking beer and wine is associated with relaxing and having a good time, which there is more of in the summer. Second, there are several big holidays to celebrate along with countless weddings, graduation parties and barbecues. Again, alcohol makes its grand appearance at these events.

Of course, summer is not a free pass to drink all the time. Unfortunately, the fact that alcohol is readily available can start some people on the wrong path.

Are Your Drinking Habits a Concern?

If you have a family history of substance abuse, or have gone through Phoenix addiction treatment, avoid drinking altogether. Addiction doesn’t discriminate, but it latches onto people who are at risk. There are many other activities you can enjoy without putting your sobriety at risk. You must also make smart, strategic decisions about where to go and who to spend time with.

For those who don’t have addiction in their background, the NIAAA defines at-risk drinking as having more than four drinks a night (or 14+ drinks a week) for men, and more than three drinks a night (or 7+ drinks a week for women). This isn’t exact science, but it does give you an idea of when drinking crosses the threshold.

Aside from the number of drinks you are having each week, here are a few more potential signs of a drinking disorder:

  • Drinking more alcohol than intended
  • Having to drink more to achieve the same effects
  • Spending a lot of time nursing hangovers
  • Giving up your favorite hobbies
  • Neglecting your responsibilities
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Engaging in high-risk behaviors
  • Wanting to stop but being unable to

If you are concerned about drinking in yourself or a loved one, don’t wait to get help. An inpatient Phoenix treatment center is not the only option. You can also consider an intensive outpatient program that doesn’t pull you away from your responsibilities. Call Continuum Recovery Center to learn more about our treatment options.

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