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Addiction Resources Drug Treatment

Addiction Resources Drug Treatment. Find an overview of Continuum Recovery drug and addiction resources to better understand how chemical dependency happens, its effects, and evidence-based options for addiction recovery treatment.

Knowledge Leads to Better Choices

The more you know, the more you question. Whether you’re looking to better understand the signs of addiction, the withdrawal process, or how drug and alcohol codependency affects the entire Family, you’ll find it here. We want you to consider us as your go-to resource to learn what you’re facing and what lies ahead. It’s what we’re here for.

Addiction Resources Drug Treatment Pushing the Addiction Clouds Away

Get Holistic and Comprehensive Addiction Resources from Continuum Recovery.

Innovative Therapies

Science has forged many new developments and a deeper understanding of the human psyche and how environmental circumstances increase one’s risk for the onset of addictive behaviors. Emotional, Sexual, and Physical Trauma, whether a one-time occurrence or ongoing, scar personal memory. For some, the trauma is played out on a conscious level, changing the way they see relationships and how to respond. For others, trauma challenges the subconscious and lives in dreams or remains hidden under the recesses of a forgotten past.

No matter how trauma happens, it alters how a person makes life choices and, ultimately, affects their reality. Addictive behaviors and emotional disorders come about as a response to the trauma or to help protect a person from engaging triggers that would remind them of the incident(s).

We provide a Variety of Therapies to help clients ease the mind and calm the body in response to stressors, but EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is especially beneficial. This type of psychotherapy minimizes the negative effects of trauma, helping clients work through issues more effectively. In addition to supporting addiction treatment, EMDR also helps with other behavioral and mental health conditions.

Addiction Treatment Referring Partners

Addiction Resources Drug Treatment On the Road to Recovery

Road to Addiction Recovery with Continuum Recovery

For physicians, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, or counselors concerned about a patient exhibiting signs of drug addiction, or if it’s coupled with Depression, Anxiety, or Bipolar Disorder, Continuum Recovery Center will partner with your practice. With your input, we can assess your patient’s condition, recommend a Treatment Protocol, and include you in the progress. We abide by HIPAA guidelines and ensure privacy is kept at the forefront of our care. Once your patient has completed our program, you will resume your client relationship as if there was never a break in your process.

Please download the Continuum Recovery Center program overview brochure for easy access when you need it.

Whole Patient Approach

Drug and alcohol addictions have many dimensions, requiring a multi-layered solution towards living a clean and sober life. Our Whole Approach allows our peer-revered, licensed therapists and holistic practitioners to work collaboratively from initial assessment through detox, treatment, and sober living. By identifying physical deficiencies and emotional scars, we can build a path to restore each client in the most comfortable, efficient, and effective way possible.

Positive Addiction Recovery Outcomes

We value transparency at all touchpoints of addiction treatment and recovery: from our health care professionals, our patients, and their families. It allows us the opportunity to cultivate beneficial change throughout your path towards sobriety while realizing a positive footprint on our community.

Discover the difference in care that Continuum Recovery Center offers our clients, bringing peace of mind closer to all that personal addiction touches.

If there’s other information we can provide, please let us know. Our addiction treatment professionals are Available.

Addiction Resources Drug Treatment

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