Drug Treatment Phoenix

Drug Treatment Phoenix

What You Should Know About Drug Addiction Treatment In Phoenix

Substance addiction is not discriminatory on those that suffer. It prevents people regardless of their status, age and race from leading useful lives. The best way to deal with substance abuse is to get professional help.

Drug treatment in Phoenix is geared towards preventing addicts from compulsively using and abusing different substances. This kind of therapy takes several various forms and settings. Such treatments also span different period of times. The method and length of treatment given would usually depend on the individual receiving same.

Our services are centered on an individualistic approach. We carry out clinical diagnosis and psychological evaluations to determine the best treatment approach for each person.

Our Treatment Approach

Drug treatment in Phoenix is essential. We have whipped up several treatment plans and approaches in a bid for our clients to have custom care. As earlier mentioned, we focus on the individual when choosing a treatment approach. We also believe that any selected plan should be holistic. This means we intend to treat your body, soul, and mind. With our services and highly educated therapists, we have come up with the following approaches which can be given as combined treatment depending on the circumstances.


As part our treatment, our clients go through therapy with counselors trained to deal with substance abuse. These therapy sessions are in three categories.

The individual therapy is ones a week. During these sessions, our therapists try to find the cause of client’s addiction.

The Group therapy sessions are offered to encourage and develop relationships amongst group members. Group members support and challenge each other till they can beat their addictions.

The family therapy sessions involve the client’s family. We believe addiction does not only affect the sufferer but also their friends and family. These meetings tend to help a family cope with the strains of the addiction and teach them how to care and support for these addicts. Our objective is to heal our clients as well as restore the family relationship.

Individualized Approach

We offer comprehensive treatment plan to each client. Every addict suffers from a chronic disorder with occasional relapses. Treatment plans should, therefore, focus on the substance which is being abused and the psyche of the addict. Treatment is usually drug-based and therapy. From our diagnosis, we are better informed to discuss your treatment plan. Our package is comprehensive, spanning from stabilization through aftercare. Our treatment approach from individual diagnosis includes:

Co-Occurring Disorder treatment plan which addresses addiction as well as mental health disorders. This is an extensive plan that touches every aspect of our client’s life including social skills training, mood management and coping with other problems.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which focuses on using positive thought patterns to get rid of substance abuse.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy tries opposite-programming in a client treatment to help them with mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal and emotional coping.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing used to treat clients whose addiction emanates from post-traumatic stress.

Holistic Approach

Treatment of the mind, body, and soul is what we have under our holistic program. Here we ensure your mental, physical and spiritual needs are met. This program focuses on our client’s nutrition and mindfulness. Some of the methods we have adopted include meditation, yoga, food supplements, exercise, and education.

Other perks you get from drug addiction treatment in Phoenix include learning skills and going through programs that prepare you for a job already prepared for when you leave our facility. Our treatment plan is flexible and allows you to lead your life without constraints, albeit monitoring and giving you the care you need.


Drug Treatment Phoenix
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