Walter N. Simmons, MD, MPH, FACEP

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As a board certified emergency physician and a military veteran, Dr. Simmons’ passion for assisting individuals struggling with addiction spans almost two decades. He has seen this horrible disease destroy lives and careers and through these events he has discovered a passion to be part of the solution. His education, training and experiences have prepared him to help those confronting problems with abuse and dependence.

Upon graduating from medical school and completing his residency in emergency medicine at Brown University, Dr. Simmons went on to receive a post graduate degree from the Harvard School of Public Health. In addition to education, he has a long history of service in both the public and private sector. He is a retired Major in the Army Reserves with a tour in Iraq. During his time in the military, he received several awards, including multiple Army Commendation Medals and Meritorious Service Medals and the American Medical Association Foundation’s Young Leadership Award.

Most importantly, Dr. Simmons has a thoughtful appreciation of the disruption addiction generates in someone’s family and work life. The very real concerns are that an uncontrolled disease will eventually extend into every aspect of the affected person’s life leading to overwhelming stress and feelings of despair. Dr. Simmons believes that having a comprehensive clinical understanding of dependence along with maintaining a customized and flexible approach to treatment are key elements to sustaining a successful addiction program.