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Holistic Trauma Treatment Az

Sanctuary Sedona is one of the few rehabs to offer holistic trauma treatment in AZ. At our PTSD and trauma residential treatment center, we offer holistic treatment for co-occurring mental disorders along with addiction in a supportive environment.

Biofeedback therapy in treating PTSD and addiction

At our alternative PTSD treatment center in Sedona, AZ, we use biofeedback therapy to treat addiction. Biofeedback is a kind of psychotherapy that helps recovering addicts understand their involuntary body functions. The information we learn about a patient during a biofeedback therapy session allows us to create a custom-treatment plan to address their unique treatment needs. Our body involuntarily acts in a certain way when we feel nervous, happy, excited, or stressed. We use special electronic sensors to monitor the involuntary functions in individuals when exposed to a stressful situation. This therapy helps us track the involuntary functions in PTSD patients like breathing rate, heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure level, etc.

When PTSD patients quit drugs or alcohol, they experience moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms, which can cause mental and physical stress. Biofeedback allows us to manage and control the heightened involuntary responses produced by the body in the withdrawal phase. This therapy reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms and helps recovering addicts overcome body aches, anxiety, depression, muscle pain, and restlessness.

Acceptance and commitment therapy for substance abuse

We offer acceptance and commitment therapy to our substance abuse patients at our trauma and addiction treatment center in Arizona. It is a type of intervention, where our therapists use strategies of acceptance and mindfulness to increase the psychological flexibility in recovering addicts. We also employ commitment and behavior-change strategies to change the abusive patterns of behavior in patients.

Furthermore, ACT helps eliminate negative feelings and emotions in recovering addicts and equips them to not overreact to stressful situations and triggering thoughts. We offer the best ACT sessions that create a therapeutic effect on our patients, improves mood, and offer mental clarity and peace of mind.

Benefits of gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that aims to look into the gestalts in patients and their relationship with the outside world. In this technique, we use a role-playing approach to resolve past conflicts in PTSD and addiction patients and helps us treat the root cause of addiction. Top benefits of gestalt therapy include:

  • It helps increase self-awareness and equips recovering addicts with essential qualities and tools to overcome triggers and cravings
  • It improves mood, reduces anxiety, and eliminates feelings of sadness and loneliness
  • It improves communication and interpersonal skills in recovering addicts
  • It offers mental clarity, improves concentration, and equips individuals to analyze a situation logically before reacting to it
  • It improves overall wellness and helps lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Are you looking for an alternative to meds to overcome PTSD and addiction? Contact Sanctuary Sedona today for holistic trauma treatment in AZ. We are a non-12 step holistic addiction and trauma healing center, and we offer evidence-based therapies like holotropic breathwork, gestalt, trauma touch therapy, and somatic experiencing to help individuals attain sobriety.

Holistic Trauma Treatment Az

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