8 Ideas to Spice Up the Brand’s Instagram Feeds

8 Ideas to Spice Up the Brand's Instagram Feeds

Many small businesses today are using Instagram to build their online presence stronger. However, amidst millions of users, it would be a struggle to maintain consistency and retention of followers. So you have to create better content to showcase your brand message on Instagram. You need to focus on many significant elements to make yourself better on Instagram feeds. If you need more tips, keep reading the article and learn more! Let’s jump on to the article!

8 Post Ideas for the Brand’s Instagram Feed

1. Repurposing the Old Content

You have to spend more time creating every new piece of content. So to reduce this, you shall repurpose your old content. Even the repurposed content would intrigue your audience. Even it may be the stories, reels, posts, etc., Moreover, if you need more engagement in your stories, buy instagram story views and uplift your presence on the platform.

2. Share Your Current and Upcoming Events

The audience would be eager to know your company plans. So plan your content according to that strategy. You shall share your current, and upcoming events on the Instagram feeds. You have to be more conscious of sharing the forthcoming events because it has to happen as planned.

3. Keep Up With Your Competitors

Knowing that you need to keep up with your competitors is essential. So brainstorm your mind and get more unique and creative ideas to make your feed look so attractive. Then, regularly analyze and compare your performances with that of your competitors. Only then would you know whether you have done your content perfectly.

4. Check on Influencers

Although you have not collaborated with any influencers, you shall check out what they post on the platform. As influencers have so much of followers, they would post engaging and exciting content. If you check on this, you might quickly get many ideas to sell your brand products. Based on your brand niche, you shall search for the influencers and tap on the pictures for your brand.

5. Watch Instagram Reels

If you want to create an excellent video for your brand on Instagram, check out the Instagram reels. Reels are the place where you get quality as well as more quantity content. You may get inspired by some content for your Instagram feeds. You might use it over and create a great impression on the platform. Furthermore, you should buy instagram impressions and enhance your visibility.

6. Check on the Tagged Posts

Your customers are your prime focus on Instagram. So if they have tagged you in any posts, you should see them once. Here you might get an idea about your customer’s behavior. With those insights, create a unique post for them that they would love. Make sure your Instagram feed should not monotonous. It should be colorful and attractive. Moreover, if you want to boost your authenticity, try using EarnViews and organically increase your followers.

7. Product-Related Posts and Tags

You shall make a product post with a high-quality picture. With minimal sentences about the product, it is possible to spice up your Instagram feeds. You can post a series of images of the products and tag your brand. Even with product tags, the viewers would easily buy the products. The product tags are now mostly found on Instagram stories.

8. Make Challenges or Puzzles

To break the monotony, you should provide puzzles related to your brand. It will make the audience take a break, and they will find your post more exciting. It is similar to the challenges too. You shall make your audiences try with challenges. You should give your audience a new challenge so that they will try it and mention you in their videos.


There are only a few tips mentioned above, and there is extraordinary to explore on the Instagram platform. You can try different strategies and then shall note down the best tactic that suits your company. Keep on trying and do not lose out your confidence, one day you would find the We hope you can implement the above ones and spice up your Instagram feeds. If you find the article interesting, then leave your valuable feedback below. Thanks for reading!