Outpatient Rehab Phoenix

Outpatient Rehab Phoenix

Why Choose An Outpatient Rehab in Phoenix For Addiction Treatment:

There are many reasons why our facility has opted to be an outpatient rehab exclusively. While other rehabs are content to offer residential treatment, and often achieve success in treating addiction through that modality, we like to think we provide our patients with a richer, fuller experience during treatment. At Continuum Recovery Center, our patients receive cutting edge addiction treatment in our facility and then go home at the end of every day. We believe in the power of being around friends and family to heal.

One of our primary core values here at Continuum Recovery Center is to offer treatment that is least intrusive to our patients lives. Our success rate has demonstrated the effectiveness of allowing our patients to return to their home setting after treatment every day. Spending time with family and friends, being able to remain employed, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life at home are all contributing factors that encourage patients to keep moving forward in treatment. You can learn more about our unique approach by visiting us online or by giving us a call at 602-903-2999.

Our outpatient rehab in Phoenix is truly a one-of-a-kind facility providing the latest in treatment. Our experts believe in identifying the underlying reason or reasons why the patient began using or drinking in order to create the best possible treatment plan for recovery. Finding the ‘why’ is extremely helpful in assisting the patient to process their addiction, learn coping skills, and resolve issues that have been preventing recovery. Visit our ‘Recovery Services’ section to see a complete list of recovery skills you’ll learn during treatment. Developing the skills to prevent relapse will give you the power to live a life free from addiction.

We know therapy is an important part of recovering; our therapists are educated at the Masters level of higher to ensure the best possible treatment in our outpatient rehab in Phoenix. We offer individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. We’ve found in our many years of treating an addiction that almost all alcohol and drub addiction is linked to some degree with an underlying mental health issue. We treat co-occurring disorders through patient education, social skills training, relapse prevention, counseling, legal problem assistance, and by providing coping skills for mood and anxiety management.

Please read our patient testimonials on our site or visit your preferred online directory and type Continuum Recovery Center into the search bar. You’ll find our reviews to be very positive as patients wish to share their experiences at our outpatient rehab in Phoenix with others. We’ll help you take that all-important first step. Just call us at 602-903-2999 and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and help you get connected with our admissions staff. Your conversation is confidential and you’ll remain in full control as you decide how to proceed.

Outpatient Rehab Phoenix
Continuum Recovery Center
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