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Family Education Program

Family Education Program

Drug abuse and alcohol addiction affect the family on many levels, so it’s important to have a Family Education Program! Addictive behaviors can run through generations and, left untreated, leave family members at risk for years. Without realizing it, family can also bring about environmental factors in the development of these behavioral health problems. Unhealthy communication and coping mechanisms can be one of the reasons why addiction starts, remains and damages the family dynamic.

Why Family Healing Supports Recovery

We offer a once per month family education experience. Family members can attend in person or via teleconference. This non-therapeutic educational presentation is only for family members of loved ones in treatment as the clients do not participate in this setting.

What Family Education Provides

  • The Addiction Disease Model
  • The Purpose of Treatment
  • How Treatment Works as a Support Mechanism for You or Your Loved One
  • What Enabling Looks Like
  • Where to go for Additional Resources in Family Support
Family Education Program

Family Education Program. Get the Tools you Need to Help Your Loved Ones Be Successful!

The Benefits of Family Education Are Immeasurable

When we suggest our program to mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and adult children of clients, we do this for the benefit of each family member. We know that a strong and stable family, unified, offers a more supportive force than each person individually.

What to Expect in Our Family Program

No two family education sessions will be the same, as different concerns will need to be addressed. Some moments will be anticipated and others can come out of left field.

  • Identify Sources of Conflict
  • Reestablish Healthy Boundaries
  • Recognize the Signs of Stress, Triggers, and Addiction Relapse
  • Reinstate Supportive Ways in Coexisting
  • Define Pathways to Build Trust Again
  • Understand the Nature of Addictive Behaviors

Which Family Members Can Participate? 

Family was once defined as blood relatives such as a mother, father and siblings. However, modern families come in many shapes and sizes so we’ve grown to accept a broader sense of family. Anyone who is close to you and supporting your recovery journey is welcome to participate in our Family Education Program. 

Aside from blood relatives, our program has worked with extended family members, neighbors, coworkers and friends. We realize that these individuals play a significant role in the recovery process and that our clients benefit from having them in their lives. Bottom line: Anyone who supports your recovery is welcome to take part in our Family Addiction Therapy Program! 

The Role of Family in Addiction Recovery 

Addiction is a family disease that affects everyone in the household. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – when one person in the family changes, it impacts the entire unit. Addiction breaks down relationships and hurts individuals in many different ways. Just because a person gets clean and sober does not mean everything snaps back to normal. 

A Family Addiction Therapy Program helps the family unit recover and work better together. It rebuilds the strength and bonds of the family and teaches them how to stop unhealthy behaviors that can lead to substance abuse. Family therapy also teaches family members about mental illness and how to support their loved one’s mental health during recovery. 

For healthy family dynamics, family therapy is essential. Families can work on their healing while their loved one participates in an addiction treatment program. 

How Family Involvement Affects Treatment Outcomes 

Family addiction therapy isn’t just important for improving family dynamics. It also creates a healthy home that reduces the risk for relapse and mental illness. At Continuum Recovery Center, we find that when families are involved in the recovery process, our clients are more likely to be successful. 

Here are some of the ways that family involvement impacts treatment outcomes: 

  • Reduce problem behaviors
  • Lower the risk for relapse 
  • Improve the completion of recovery programs
  • Shift power to parental figures (i.e., set boundaries and consequences) 
  • Help families solve problems 
  • Prevent addiction from moving on to the next generation 
  • Provide healing for the family unit 

Family addiction therapy programs are offered at some treatment centers, so we encourage you to look for this component. As mentioned above, our Family Education Program meets once a month in-person or over the phone. We talk about the Addiction Disease Model, the purpose of treatment and what unhealthy behaviors (like enabling) look like. 

Aside from this program, we also recommend the following resources for the families of addicts: 

  • Al-Anon. This worldwide fellowship is for the families and friends of alcoholics. Al-Anon brings these people together to share experiences and find effective ways to cope with problems. 
  • Alateen. Part of the Al-Anon fellowship, Alateen is geared toward teens who are affected by alcoholism. Much of the content is the same but is presented in a way that’s relatable for teens. 
  • Nar-Anon. Similar to Al-Anon, Nar-Anon is a 12-step program for the friends and family of people who are addicted to illicit substances. 
  • NAMI Family Support Group. This support group is led by peers and designed for adults who have a loved one with mental illness. NAMI’s support groups are free and confidential. 

Learn More About Our Family Education Program 

Continuum Recovery Center’s Family Addiction Therapy Program strives to help families heal and prevent substance abuse from affecting the next generation. This program is open to the families and loved ones of our clients. To learn more about this program and how it fits into our overall treatment regimen, contact us today. 

Together, the family can find peace and comfort while a loved one continues to heal in recovery.

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