Phoenix Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

One of the most powerful aspects of Phoenix addiction treatment is understanding the reasons behind your drug or alcohol use. What led you down this path of destruction? Was it a typical case of peer pressure that spiraled out of control? Do you struggle with another condition such as anxiety or depression? Have you suffered physical or emotional abuse in the past?

There is no specific path that a person has to follow to become addicted. Some individuals are genetically and environmentally more susceptible to addiction than others, but the disease does not pick and choose. However, for people who struggle with addiction, the trajectory is often similar.

Addiction is Often Deep Rooted

At Continuum Recovery Center, some of our clients have co-occurring conditions or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. When they were first introduced to drugs and alcohol, the motives may have been recreational. Yet over time, they used illicit substances to escape the pain of their past or manage uncomfortable symptoms of depression.

According to the most recent statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 43.6 million (18.1%) Americans 18 years and older experience mental illness each year, and 20.2 million (8.4%) struggle with substance abuse. Of these, 7.9 million have both mental illness and addiction. In fact, rates of mental and substance abuse disorders are some of the highest they’ve ever been. The 26 to 49 year-old group has the highest rates of mental and substance abuse, at 42.7%.

Comprehensive Phoenix Addiction Treatment

Understanding the “why” is a major breakthrough during addiction treatment. It takes some clients longer than others. Some people are aware of their past struggles while others haven’t come to terms with them yet. To accommodate each client’s needs, Continuum Recovery Center creates individualized addiction treatment plans in Phoenix that include a unique balance of recovery services. Let’s explore these therapies in more detail.

  • Individual therapy. Each client meets with a trained substance abuse counselor once a week. Our environment is safe, supportive and confidential. This is a time to explore feelings, belief systems, behaviors and more. Preventing impulse and promoting self-care are also critical parts of personal therapy.
  • Group therapy. Our clients are often surprised to learn just how beneficial group therapy is. These sessions remind clients that they are not alone in their battles. Between meaningful discussions, trust-building exercises and a sense of comradery, group therapy is where many of our clients build their first relationships after addiction.
  • Family therapy. At CRC, we recognize that addiction doesn’t affect the addict only. It impacts the family unit. Our therapists work with families and loved ones to help them better understand addiction and how to form a firm, loving and supportive environment.
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment. If mental illness is present and not treated, it will only sabotage a healthy recovery. Part of treatment at the Continuum is addressing co-occurring disorders such as PTSD or bipolar depression. Our approach to treating these conditions is comprehensive and includes education, social skills training, coping skills, relapse prevention and medication.

Cutting-Edge Therapies

Continuum Recovery Center staff creates comprehensive, well-rounded treatment regimens that focus on the mind, body and spirit. As part of our treatment, we offer cutting-edge therapies such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Eye Movement Desentization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Excellent Care in a Supportive Environment

Choosing Continuum Recovery Center for Phoenix addiction treatment is a life-changing decision. Our treatment facility is unique because of our strong outpatient rehabilitation services. Our staff and therapists recognize the importance of being home, and that’s why we’ve created a home away from home.

All clients receive highly personalized and comprehensive care during the day and return to our sober housing at night. Clients appreciate having a life that feels more “normal” and familiar. They have the freedom to see friends and family and enjoy their favorite activities while having support staff available 24/7. We feel that this arrangement also facilitates the transition to the real world. 

Call Our Admissions Specialists. We Have Beds Available.

There is no “right” time to start Phoenix addiction treatment. The time is now. Waiting until you or a loved one hits rock bottom will only make the addiction more difficult to treat, and there could be additional legal and financial repercussions to deal with. To speak with one of our admissions specialists, call Continuum of Care today. We have 20 beds available at our facility waiting to serve individuals in need.