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Addiction Aftercare Plan for Relapse Prevention

Addiction Aftercare

Our aftercare provides the necessary tools to embark on the path of sobriety after the client finishes treatment. We help each person find new ways to enjoy life and thrive without the use of drugs and alcohol, while avoiding the urge to relapse.

Relapse Prevention Protects Your Recovery

Drug and alcohol treatment is more than a temporary fix – it should enable the confidence to endure life’s challenges. This is the crux of how Continuum Recovery Center merges the best elements of traditional and holistic practices with real-life circumstances. Because assessing an addiction Aftercare plan starts here on the first day of treatment and tested the moment clients leave our facility.

Sustained addiction recovery should never be left to chance. A true continuum of care includes the vital support needed once treatment is over.

Aftercare for Relapse Prevention

Aftercare for Relapse Prevention from Continuum Recovery

Individualized Addiction Aftercare Plans Work Long-Term

Many of the self-empowering practices learned here can be continued after treatment and throughout one’s life. In fact, this is how our addiction Aftercare plans are designed – to help individuals in a manner that suits their needs. Our integrative approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit during addiction treatment follows into Aftercare.

We provide the tools and resources needed to help make recovery a goal, realized.

“The principle of moving forward, as though you have the confidence to move forward, eventually gives you confidence when you look back and see what you’ve done.”
-Robert Downey Jr.

The Difference in Our Addiction Aftercare Plans

From day one of treatment, our licensed medical practitioners and therapists seek information about each client. Of course, there are questions, answers, and details needed in learning about the root cause of addictive behaviors. Moreover, we want to know about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. In fact, these are the characteristics of what Aftercare supports.

Through self-discovery, each client is reminded of personal passion. In addition, learning new talents here and awakening unchartered opportunities brings more dimensions of enjoyment and enlightenment to the surface. Aftercare embraces one’s ability to learn, grow, and change, inadvertently pushing wellness to the forefront of everyday living. While this is a personal experience, it is enhanced by group interaction during therapy, recreational activities, art and music exploration, mindfulness, and life skills coaching.

The benefits of physical activity to the body and the brain are no secret. Continuum Recovery Center Founder and CEO Frank Johnson wholeheartedly understands the positive impact of sports and team participation on a person. Our clients gain inner strength and self-awareness by utilizing fitness as a means of healing. We encourage every client to continue with the activities that help them feel good as a mechanism to sustain addiction recovery.

Encouragement and Support Begin with a Discharge Safety Plan

When nearing the end of treatment, approximately one to two weeks before graduation, clients meet with their Case Manager to formulate an aftercare plan. They discuss details related to living accommodations, work or school reintegration, continued medical care (if needed). In addition, we help put into place support resources such as addiction recovery counseling and 12-step meetings, whether living in Phoenix, Arizona or elsewhere in the United States.

We address any lingering fears, so you don’t have to face them alone.

It’s common to underestimate the power of your journey and successes at Continuum Recovery Center. We’re here to remind you of them, often. When fear does rear its head, we discuss your concerns and revisit the benefits of our Aftercare plan.

Before clients embark on their life in recovery, we provide an Aftercare Checklist that includes:

  • Community Referrals
  • Alumni Information
  • Medical and Therapy Referrals
  • Client Satisfaction Survey Completion
  • Client Safety Plan Completion
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