Drug Rehab Phoenix

Drug Treatment

Continuum Recovery Center provides an intensive outpatient program with sober housing. During the day, clients receive the same treatment services as they would at a residential facility. Rather than having to stay in the same building, our clients can retreat to our sober living quarters. Our clients appreciate this, and we feel that it makes outpatient drug rehab in Phoenix AZ less intimidating.

You may notice that other drug treatment centers in Phoenix offer various forms of treatment, but CRC focuses on just one. We feel that this allows us to build a better program, as all of our attention goes toward our outpatient services. We’d love to share more about our drug rehab in Phoenix so that you know what to expect for yourself or a loved one.

What a Typical Day Includes

At Continuum Recovery Center, our clients appreciate that they can enjoy a more familiar, comfortable stay. While inpatient rehab facilities offer intensive treatment, some people do not like the feeling of being stuck inside the same four walls.

Treatment at our drug treatment centers in Phoenix consists of individual counseling once a week as well as group therapy and family therapy. We also offer a wide range of research-based therapies to help clients discover ways to manage stress and anxiety. Even outdoor activities are included in our program, as we want our clients to rediscover their passions in life.

Here is what you can expect in a typical day at our Phoenix outpatient drug rehab.

  • Residential-style treatment. Clients get all the same services as they would if they were staying in an inpatient facility. This includes weekly individual, family and group therapy sessions as well as medication.
  • Alternative therapies. At CRC, we believe that alternative therapies complement our counseling sessions. Alternative therapies include meditation, yoga, art therapy life skills and education.
  • Semi-private rooms. When treatment is complete for the day, clients head back to our sober housing that feels more like home than a drug treatment center in Phoenix. We have 20 beds in our facility, which are joined by bathrooms and common areas for a sense of home and privacy.
  • Variable lengths. We strongly recommend that our clients stay at our outpatient drug rehab in Phoenix for an extended time, but we understand that not everyone can commit. This is why we offer a supportive and intensive 30- to 90-day primary treatment program.
  • Limited admission. With only 20 beds in our facility, space is limited. This prevents us from having more clients than we can realistically handle. With our supportive staff and counselors, we’re able to deliver the highest quality of care to our 20 clients.
  • 12-step model. We follow the 12-step model at CRC. As our clients move through the 12 steps, they discover the fundamental building blocks of a sober, healthy and fulfilling life.
  • Care team. We put together care teams based on each client’s needs. Our caring team of professionals includes psychiatric nurse practitioners, medical doctors, master’s level licensed therapists, interventionists and case managers.

A Home Away from Home

At Continuum Recovery Center, we strive to be a home away from home. We realize that clients are not just working at their recoveries but also finding themselves again. What is it that you enjoy doing in your free time? What types of friendships do you hope to pursue? What is your purpose in life?

In order for recovering addicts to find their place in society, they must have the opportunity to explore themselves, socialize with others and build a healthy schedule that includes regular sleep, balanced meals and rewarding hobbies and activities.

As part of our holistic drug treatment in Phoenix, clients get to explore yoga and meditation. We also believe in the importance of getting outdoors and being active, as there is no substitute for fresh air and Vitamin D.

Continuum Recovery Center is changing the way drug rehab in Phoenix is done. We don’t want our clients to feel like prisoners or be limited in their recoveries. By giving them the tools they need to recover and the freedom to live in a safe, supportive home, our clients have the greatest chances for long-term sobriety.