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Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Phoenix– The Best of Both

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Treatment, or IOP, is a unique approach to treating substance abuse disorders. IOP can be used following successful detox, as a primary treatment program, or as part of an aftercare plan. How can one treatment model provide the kind of program during the initial phase of recovery as well as within sober living?

Addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process. The Continuum Recovery Center Intensive Outpatient Treatment program offers the ongoing benefits of flexibility and modification. Here’s how.

Thorough Approach for Sustained Healing

Personal growth comes from a deep understanding of life choices made, accountability in owning those decisions and having the courage to commit to positive change. Our IOP allows clients to pursue greater personal growth while removing the behaviors and potential triggers that led to substance addiction. Through this program, getting comfortable with living life drug- and alcohol-free becomes second nature. And ongoing sobriety, more attainable by utilizing emotional building blocks that work.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Experience

Continuum Recovery Center IOP is for a minimum of 60 to 90 days, which provides more value to our clients. Because it is less restrictive than traditional inpatient treatment but more structured than individual therapy alone, the program focuses on learning to live sober, while providing the tools to get there.

Much of what IOP entails directly impact each client’s recovery journey and where they are in the process. For some, adapting to life without chemical dependency requires 24-Hour Supervision, from detox, and during treatment – IOP would be a better fit for them as an aftercare program. But for those who are able to experience a bit more freedom while receiving the benefits of a serious addiction recovery program, then IOP after detox is ideal.

What to Expect

Whatever the reason you or your loved one enters into Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Continuum Recovery Center, know that each client experience is unique and individualized. After a full assessment, we work with our clients to create a reasonable schedule that meets their needs.

IOP Program Highlights May Include:

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

With Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Your Comeback will be Stronger!

With the extended timeline given to IOP, clients learn important real-world skills that will set them up for success in sobriety. Understanding how life stress affects their emotional and physical wellbeing, clients are better able to identify the people, places, and thought patterns that increase their risk for relapse.

With stress management techniques, life skills training, and other relapse prevention education, IOP is an ideal backdrop for rebuilding healthy relationships within the framework of mind, body, and spiritual balance.

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