We realize there’s a lot to take in. The moment you begin the search to find the right treatment program for the substance abuse that has taken control of your life, or someone you care about, it can feel like information overload. To help ease the overwhelming nature of the process, we’ve created these alcohol, drug and addiction resources.

Knowledge Leads to Better Choices

The more you know, the more there is to ask. We invite you to navigate through our resource pages that provide details and insights on alcohol and drug addiction as well as corresponding treatment programs. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of questions most frequently asked by people just like you, who are looking for answers and the best way to sobriety.

Whether you’re looking to better understand the signs of addiction, the withdrawal process, or how drug and alcohol codependency affects the entire family, you’ll find it here.

Get to know the types of treatments that Continuum Recovery Center offers our clients, bringing peace of mind that much closer to all that personal addiction touches. Each program is presented and administered through our “whole patient approach”.

Whole Patient Approach

Drug and alcohol addictions have many dimensions, requiring a multi-layered solution towards living a clean and sober life. Our whole approach allows our peer-revered, licensed therapists and holistic practitioners to work collaboratively, from initial assessment, detox, treatment and sober living. By identifying physical deficiencies and emotional scars, we can build a path to restore each client in the most comfortable, efficient, and effective way possible.

What to Expect

One of the most awkward aspects of entering addiction treatment is that fear of the unknown. What will it feel like? How will people treat me? How will I react to them? Can I have family members visit me? How long is the program? Can I go to work or school during treatment? We understand how a new environment can impact clients and increase their reluctance to start.

Referring Partners

For physicians, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses or counselors concerned about a patient exhibiting signs of drug addiction, or if it’s coupled with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder, Continuum Recovery Center will partner with your practice.

With your input, we can assess your patient’s condition, recommend a treatment protocol and include you on the progress. We abide by HIPAA guidelines and ensure privacy is kept at the forefront of our care. Once your patient has completed our program, you will resume your client relationship as if there was never a break in your process.

Positive Outcomes

We value transparency at all touchpoints of addiction treatment and recovery: from our health care professionals, our patients and their families. It allows us the opportunity to cultivate beneficial change throughout your path towards sobriety, while realizing a positive footprint on our community.

If there’s other information we can provide, please let us know. Our addiction treatment professionals are available to discuss your options and help dissuade your concerns.

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