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Choosing A Scottsdale Rehab Center For Your Son

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Scottsdale rehab center for your son or ward. These factors play a prominent role in the success of your son’s Scottsdale rehab.

Proximity to you

It is very important for you to visit him regularly in the Scottsdale rehab center that he checks into. This is your way of giving him your support. He may feel abandoned if you don’t visit him. Family’s visit is very important to anybody suffering from addiction while in rehab.

You may not be able to pay regular visits if his center is not quite close to your home. The further the center it is too you, the more difficult it will be for to pay a regular visit.

What is the success rate of the center?

Although several factors determine the success of anybody’s rehabilitation, it is important to select a center with a high success rate. You should be on the same page with the center on your definition of rehab success. A lot of centers count successful completion of rehabilitation program as success but you may not agree with that.

Let them know that what you mean by success is when your son recovers fully from addiction without any relapse. So, you can choose a center with a high success rate. This also implies that you have to check out several centers before settling for one of them.

No external influence

An ideal treatment center should be completely free from external influence. For instance, an alcohol treatment center should not be close to any brewery or winery. The smell that emanates from brewing process may become a source of temptation.

Compare experience

It is often better to consider the experience of the center. Since experience comes with expertise, the oldest center is likely to offer the most effective treatment. So, you may want to check him into the oldest rehab around.

The common challenge people face with experience is that it does not only come with expertise, it also comes with higher charges. So it is not uncommon for the oldest center to charge the highest fees. There is nothing wrong with this trend since experience is not cheap. But, what if the fees are beyond your reach? You have no choice but to select the rehab center that is next in line in terms of experience.

Availability of drugs or alcohol

The ideal center for your son must have the substance he is addicted to. He can’t be cut off completely from it. Its quantity will be reduced gradually till he recovers fully. For instance, if he is addicted to heroin, then the center must have enough quantity of it. However, some centers believe in injecting them with a drug that will gradually kill the craving.

24 hours monitoring

People suffering from addiction need to be monitored every time. So, you should be sure if they are being monitored 24 hours a day. This is very important to avoid any murder or suicide.

In conclusion, you may need to prioritize your requirements as the chances of finding a single center that meets all your requirements are too low. For instance, the nearest center to you may offer fees that are way beyond your reach.


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