Treatment Center Phoenix

Treatment Center Phoenix

Reasons Why You Should Visit Our Treatment Center In Phoenix.

Treatment center or a residential treatment center (RTC) is a health care facility with accommodation for patients. It is a live-in facility providing therapy and treatment for substance abuse.

Treatment and drug rehab is becoming generally accepted because addicts exhibit various adverse reactions from substance abuse. Substance addiction has dangerous consequences. It has destroyed so many lives. It is a very deadly disease immune to age, gender and socio-economic status.

There are many treatment centers providing drug rehab. We are one of them, and you can contact our treatment center in Phoenix, if you or someone you know requires treatment from substance abuse.

What our treatment center offers;


Our residential treatment center in Phoenix provides both inpatient and outpatient treatments. We have many highly trained professional therapists, and also offer free consultations. Before treatment is commenced at our treatment center, one of our staff will carry out a pre-admissions assessment with you over the phone. The essence of this procedure is to carry out a clinical evaluation of the patient’s addiction history. It should be noted that everything discussed with us is treated as strictly confidential. Hence, your information can never get to a third party.

We do not only treat substance abuse, we also provide a comprehensive psychotherapy aimed at addressing the factors leading to substance intake. We equally provide the necessary strength and support required by patients dealing with substance abuse.

We have been in existence for so many years, with a track record of hundred percent success rate.

We have Standard Facilities

Our treatment center in Phoenix boasts of modern facilities. Our facilities are standard, and will make your stay with us exciting, regardless of your gender.

Again, while on admission at our facility, you will undertake fitness and wellness programs. We have very neat and spacious studio where all these are carried out.

We have Supportive Staff

Our staff are well trained and highly supportive. They will be with you at every step of your recovery process. And you will enjoy twenty-four-hour attention and support from them. The support will help speed up your recovery process.

We have Educative Resources

Again, we have enough resources to educate, inform, motivate and inspire our patients. While undergoing your recovery, you will learn many things that will aid your recovery process, and also things that will help prevent substance re-intake.

We provide Nutritious Meals

At our treatment center, you are sure of enjoying nutritious meals. We value our patients, so we have devised a personalized meal plan. We also teach our patients how to balance their diets. Balanced diets are not only good for recovery from addiction, but also healthy.

After Care Programs

Upon successful recovery, we do not abandon you. We still provide necessary support and after care programs to prevent a relapse.

Aside all these, we do not disrupt your normal life. We have a structured plan that allows you to live your normal life while undergoing treatment and rehab with us.

Finally, we welcome inquiries at our treatment center in Phoenix. And will be pleased to be of assistance to you or anybody you know battling drug addiction.


Treatment Center Phoenix
Continuum Recovery Center
14040 North Cave Creek Rd, Suite 301 Phoenix, AZ 85022

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