Are Club Drugs Addictive?

Are Club Drugs Addictive?

Club drugs are illicit drugs that are typically used at parties, nightclubs and raves. In many cases, club drugs are stimulants that keep people awake for a long time. They may also have hallucinogenic effects with the purpose of making music louder and lights brighter. Some types of club drugs are depressants that make people feel extremely relaxed. Because these types of drugs are often mixed with alcohol, they can be particularly dangerous.

Being informed on club drugs is important, especially with the rise in synthetic drugs. Let’s learn more about club drugs and if they can lead to addiction and the need for drug rehab in Phoenix.


Stimulants are most common in the club scene because they give people energy to dance and stay awake all night long. MDMA, or ecstasy, is the most popular stimulant. MDMA attaches to serotonin in the brain to create feelings of extreme pleasure and euphoria. It also stops serotonin from being absorbed into the brain and prolongs natural serotonin. This rush is what keeps people coming back for more.

CNS Depressants

CNS depressants suppress the central nervous system and make the body feel relaxed. An example of a CNS depressant is GHB. Also known as the “date rape drug,” this substance raises GABA neurotransmitters in the brain. Another type of CNS depressant is rohypnol or “roofies.” These drugs have the same effects as Xanax, but they’re not prescribed legally in the United States.

Other Club Drugs

Additional drugs that are sometimes used in the nightlife setting are ketamine (hallucinogen and analgesic) and LSD (hallucinogen). People use these drugs because they affect their sense of sight, sound, touch and smell.

How Addictive are Club Drugs?

Club drugs are addictive, just as any other illicit drug is. People can easily get used to using the drugs and feel they need them to have a good time. Imagine going to a club one night and feeling extreme euphoria from an MDMA pill. The next time you go to a club, you’re going to want that same feeling.

Even though many people start using club drugs for recreational purposes, it doesn’t take long to form a dependency. If ecstasy helps you stay awake all night, why not use it when studying for a test? Or, if GHB calms you down and makes you sedated, won’t it help you deal with stress? It’s very easy to start thinking this way and unsure of where to draw the line. For those who start using club drugs regularly, a Phoenix treatment center can help kick the habit before it becomes worse.

Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

Another danger to club drugs is that many of them are synthetically made. Illegal laboratories are responsible for producing designer drugs, and they use various chemicals to achieve the desired effects that people are seeking. Unfortunately, you never know how your body might react to these chemicals. Just one pill can cost you your life.

If you feel that you can’t have fun without drugs, it’s time for a change in your life. Continuum Recovery Center has different programs that can serve your needs – and everything is confidential. Learn more about the options to getting affordable, effective Phoenix addiction treatment.

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