Clean & Sober is Better: 10 Benefits of Recovery

Clean & Sober is Better: 10 Benefits of Recovery

10 Benefits of Recovery

10 Benefits of Recovery. If you’re new to the recovery process and feeling uncertain about whether you even want to be clean and/or sober, that’s okay! In fact, it’s completely normal to have mixed emotions about not drinking and using drugs again. Chances are, using has been such a big part of your life – and probably the only way you knew how to cope. It can take time for individuals to adjust, shift their perspective, and build a new life. But one day at a time, each day is another day forward into a better future. 

Here at Continuum Recovery Center in Phoenix, most of us speak from experience. We have lived the days of early sobriety when things feel strange and empty. And we can assure you that it really does get better! But in case you’re wondering, here are the 10 Benefits of Recovery to look forward to when you complete outpatient substance abuse treatment in Phoenix.  

1. Improved Physical Health 

As you’re probably aware, addiction takes a toll on your physical health. You’re constantly putting toxic substances into your body, which Puts Stress on Your Internal Organs because they have to process everything. Addiction also raises the risk of contracting infections, developing cancer, and destroying nerve cells. 

Once you go through the detox process, the toxic chemicals leave your body and the physical recovery process starts. Continuum Recovery Center offers B-12 shots and vitamin Therapy to Restore Essential Vitamins and Minerals in which you may have a deficiency. This will help you feel better and recover faster.

Over time, you’ll start noticing even more physical benefits. Your energy levels will stabilize. You’ll feel more alert and motivated. You’ll even learn to recognize your body’s cues and nourish it with the things it needs (sleep, nutritious foods, etc.) rather than toxic substances. 

2. Better Relationships 

Addicts and alcoholics in active addiction tend to be selfish and self-centered, which gets in the way of healthy relationships. Even after you’re clean and sober, it may take time to repair your relationships; you may never be able to completely heal all of them and it’s important that you respect people who are not ready to be in your life. But for those who are, focus your effort and attention on them. 

After completing outpatient drug rehab in Phoenix, make an effort to spend quality time with your friends and family. You’re no longer numbing your emotions, so you can open up more easily to others. Luckily, your support circle will start to see the real “you” again – and so will you. 

3. More Money to Spend 

This is an overlooked benefit of sobriety – but it’s a major one! Addicts are so involved with their drug use that they rarely consider the Cost to Maintain Their Habit. Once you are free, you’ll realize all of the money that was spent supporting your substance use. It feels good to be able to buy yourself a cup of coffee or a new sweater. Hopefully, this satisfaction will make you feel good about yourself and the freedoms you have. 

4. More Free Time to Enjoy 

Addiction is a full-time lifestyle that takes over everything you do. This is why everything else – hobbies, friends, working – all take a backseat to drug use. Once you sober up, you have a lot more time to enjoy – and this is empowering. 

Use your newfound free time to spend with loved ones, start a new hobby, explore nature or volunteer. Don’t forget about the importance of self-care, too! Even with a full schedule, you should feel accomplished at the end of the day – not overwhelmed. 

5. Healthier Appearance 

In sobriety, your physical appearance improves as well. Most people find that their sunken cheeks, red patches, wrinkles, dry hair, and baggy eyes fade away. You’re physical appearance changes because you’re not filling your body with toxic chemicals. Plus, your organs are working efficiently and removing waste from the body. Looking better is a huge confidence boost that will make you more attractive to everyone around you. 

10 Benefits of Recovery

10 Benefits of Recovery. Learn the Benefits of Recovery from Continuum Recovery.

6. More Ways to Cope with Stress 

Outpatient drug rehab in Phoenix teaches you how to cope with stressful situations in healthy, drug-free ways. This is an important benefit because stress is a normal part of life. When you constantly rely on substances to deal with emotions like stress and anxiety, it means you’re left feeling unhappy and stressed out any time you are sober. But once you’re in recovery, you always have a variety of tools to ease your mind and body. 

7. Improved Memory 

Another confidence boost is having a real-working memory. Addiction makes it difficult to remember things correctly – or at all. It’s common to have nights that you don’t remember and fuzzy days. Because drugs and alcohol are so consuming, addicts often have trouble remembering birthdays, appointments, and other special events. 

With improved memory, you can be independent and productive, plus be a better friend and family member. Plan ahead for parties and holidays, show up on time to appointments, and be present in the moment.

8. More Opportunities for Fun 

A lot of recovering addicts have a hard time believing this one, but it’s true! For most addicts, substances and drugs go hand in hand. And at first, you might feel strange having fun while being sober. But, it does get easier.

Before long, you begin to rediscover who you are without substances and how to have a good time without being drunk or high. The best part about this is that you can have fun anytime, anywhere – you don’t have to be in a specific state of mind to feel good. 

9. Fewer Mental Health Problems 

Addiction and mental illness are interconnected. The dual diagnosis of alcohol rehab in Phoenix addresses both substance abuse and mental illness simultaneously. Once your Mental Health Problem is Properly Treated, your mind can recover as well. Your emotions and moods are more stable and regulated, and you can reach levels of happiness that you never have before! 

10. Feel Good About Yourself 

When you were actively using, you probably only felt good when you were drunk or high. But imagine learning to love yourself again. Through the recovery process, you learn to appreciate yourself and the journey you’re on. It takes an incredible amount of strength to admit your problem and start this process. 

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