Volunteering, Recovery and Your Greater Purpose

Volunteering, Recovery and Your Greater Purpose

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Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. When drug treatment in Phoenix is over, you must find ways to maintain a healthy routine, keep a positive attitude and reduce the risk of relapse. One of the best ways to do this is by volunteering your time. Helping others offers a sense of purpose, which protects you from relapse.

At Continuum Recovery Center, we encourage our clients to be active in their communities as soon as possible. If you’re not sure where to start, try something simple like cleaning up after an AA meeting or bringing a snack to group therapy. Once you see how good it feels to act altruistically, you’ll want to continue seeking out this feeling in other things you do.

Why Volunteering is Important in Recovery

Addiction is a disease of loneliness and isolation. As you complete Phoenix addiction treatment, you must also work to build a life with a strong, active support network. Volunteering helps this process.

Here are a few advantages to expect from helping others.

  • Have something to look forward to each week
  • Keep active and socially engaged with others
  • Prevent boredom and isolation
  • Boost feelings of independence
  • Achieve a greater sense of purpose
  • Give back and help others who have helped you
  • Learn new job skills and life skills
  • Build connections with others

Ways to Give Back to Your Community

Are you ready to add more value to your life? Whether it’s serving meals, helping animals or sorting through donations, there are many ways to give back to others and discover your greater purpose in life. Below we share a few ways that you can make a difference in your community.

  • Soup kitchen. Soup kitchens are found in most communities. They continually need volunteers, especially during the holiday seasons. If you don’t have a soup kitchen in your area, consider starting your own.
  • Homeless shelter. Homeless shelters are in need of volunteers to sort through donations, assist with outreach and work with visitors. Imagine the inspiration you can bring to others who feel hopeless.
  • Building homes. If you prefer getting your hands dirty, working with an organization like Habitat for Humanity is a great opportunity. Not only will you be helping others but also releasing feel-good chemicals in the brain, which is far greater than any high.
  • Helping animals. Are you an animal lover? Working with animals is physically, mentally and socially rewarding. Consider helping out at a humane shelter or fostering an animal in your own home.
  • Addiction treatment community. As you become more confident in your recovery, you can begin to help others in need of rehab in Phoenix. Talk to local churches and community centers about your experience. Visit schools as part of an anti-drug program. Sponsor someone going through the 12 steps.

Volunteering is an excellent way to keep you busy and engaged while seeking your greater purpose. Be sure to balance this with alone time as well. Each person is unique, and some have a lot of time to give while others do not. That’s OK. Any contribution you make to society is valuable!  

To start your path to recovery, call Continuum Recovery Center today!

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