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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Understanding the complexities of substance abuse and behavioral health disorders is difficult for those struggling with these conditions, as well as their families. But with the trusted advisors, practitioners, and support peers found here, we can get you on the road to recovery so you can live your best life with our drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery services. 

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Individualized, Safe, and Holistic Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment


Continuum Recovery Center provides strength, support, and long-lasting hope for individuals battling substance abuse who yearn to put that in the past and enjoy the rewards that come from living a sober life. We do this every day, by providing integrated, individualized, long-term drug, and alcohol addiction treatment to those who need it in Phoenix, Arizona.

We have found that our comprehensive psychotherapy, facilitated by licensed clinicians and addiction specialists, helps clients effectively address their underlying issues that have led to the use of illicit substances. For clients who have or exhibit signs of a co-occurring mental health disorder (Dual Diagnosis), our psychiatrist will engage in a thorough evaluation. Through compassionate collaboration with the client, family members, and other practitioners, a strategy of care will be created to treat each condition singularly.

We Believe in Identifying the “WHY”

From initial assessment to subsequent therapy sessions and more, treatment success is hinged upon personal discovery. Identifying the underlying issue of “why” a person began using or drinking is the first step to treatment. From there, we recommend specific traditional and holistic therapies that will generate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. By accepting the guidance, learning healthy coping skills, and resolving the underlying issue, the need for drug or alcohol dependency is removed.

The Difference in Our Core Addiction Treatment Services

Drug and alcohol dependency affects people differently—treatment and recovery treatment programs should be designed, enabled, and supported with the individual’s differences in mind. To accommodate each client effectively, Continuum Recovery Center offers comprehensive day treatment (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient programs (OP), and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). These offerings help make the migration from chemical dependence to sober living an easier pathway. Once you or your loved ones are ready to graduate and move on to reestablishing a healthy lifestyle beyond our doors, our highly-rated Aftercare program is here to help support your long-term recovery.

Valuable Addiction Recovery Skills

A crucial aspect of treatment success is in learning the skills, having the tools and resources to keep negative and damaging behaviors in the past, and forging beneficial ways of living in the present. This helps facilitate a better future for every client.

Some of what the Continuum Recovery Center client experience includes are listed below and learned in our drug and alcohol addiction treatment services programs, geared to promote and support sustained recovery.

You Can Do This – We Will Help You:

  • Understand the Brain Chemistry of Addiction
  • Progression of the Disease of Addiction
  • Manage Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)
  • Identify Triggers and Learning Healthy Ways to Deal with Them
  • How to Manage Urges and Cravings
  • Find Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress
  • Improve Decision-Making Abilities
  • Relapse Prevention Skills
  • Create Healthy Relationships
  • Practice Effective Communication
  • Family Education
  • Stages of Change
Rehab Testimonial by Sheila S.

Rehab Testimonial by Sheila S.

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