Continuum Recovery Center now provides Medication Assisted Treatment. This method of treatment combines behavioral therapy and medication to address substance abuse. All medications are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and have been studied extensively by the medical community.

Medication Assisted Treatment, of MAT, can be used successfully to treat various addictions. For clients who are addicted to opioids, Continuum Recovery Center may prescribe vivitrol, naltrexone or buprenorphine. These medications block the pleasurable effects of opioids and reduce cravings, lowering the risk for relapse.

Medications can also be used to treat alcohol addiction. As with opioids, the goal of MAT is to eliminate the desirable effects of alcohol. Medications prescribed may include disulfiram, acamprosate and naltrexone.

MAT is not a standalone treatment. Clients at Continuum Recovery Center still receive our “whole patient” approach that includes counseling, holistic therapy, relapse prevention and continuing care. The purpose of adding medication is to aid in the healing process by reducing cravings and discouraging the use of opioids or alcohol.

If you have questions about Medication Assisted Treatment and how this can improve the chances for a full recovery, call Continuum Recovery Center today.